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  1. dreamtortoise

    To Soak or not to Soak...?

    I know there are varied opinions on soaking tortoises, but I had a different kind of question. If you soaked your tort for a while every other day, could you not put a water bowl in the enclosure?
  2. dreamtortoise

    Pet Stores= Bad?

    Hi! I'm moving to Japan in a bit, and once I'm settled there I think I'll be looking for a little Russian ;) I don't think shipping from the US to Japan is a smart idea, so my only choice may be pet stores. I'm going to read up a bunch about identifying a healthy tort, but I'm still a bit...
  3. dreamtortoise

    Hello and International Travel

    Hi! My name is Maggi, and I'm new. I'm totally falling for torts :) They're SO cute!!! I am moving to Japan shortly and thinking about buying a Russian there. Any advice on how to classify a healthy tort? I've been doing a ton of research on what to do when I move back, too. I will probably have...