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  1. Jaid10

    Officially decided to rehome my torts

    Hi. My name is Jaiden and I own 2 sulcata Tortoises. I am 12 years old and got my first tort, Shelly when I was 5. Long story short I was misinformed on how to care for my tort. For my 11th birthday I received Stone, my second sulcata who is a baby. I was so lucky to stumble upon the forum. I...
  2. Jaid10

    Looking foa a forever home for my sulcatas

    hi guys. I’m so sad to be doing this and it really breaks my heart but I’m giving up my 2 sulcatas. I am 12 years old and have had my first Tortoise, Shelly since I was 5. I was wrongly informed on how to care for her by a pet store owner and had been taking bad care of her. When I got my second...
  3. Jaid10

    Grass hay?

    hi! I’m looking to start my two Sulcatas on hay due to the availability in my area. I know you prefer orchard grass hay but will other grass hays work? If so what kind?
  4. Jaid10

    Please help! know nothing about setting up enclosure!

    Hi guys! I am 11 years old and have two torts. I am moving my 10 inch Sulcata tort into a 8 by 4 enclosure! Sadly her current situation is not going to do and I don’t have the proper lighting nor supplies. I have around $50 to spend and need some guidance on lighting and supplies for it. Here’s...
  5. Jaid10

    Heat and supplies

    Hi guys! I am 11 years old and have two torts. I am moving my 10 inch tort into a 8 by 4 enclosure! Sadly her current situation is not going to do and I don’t have the proper lighting nor supplies. I have around $50 to spend and need some guidance on lighting and supplies for it. Here’s what I...
  6. Jaid10

    Amazon wish list please help

    Hi! On my previous post I talked about how I need some advice on what to do for my torts. If you haven’t already seen it please read as much as you can’t-know-what-to-do-please-help.173882/page-4 You can find me on Facebook under the name Jaid...
  7. Jaid10

    I don’t know what to do, please help

    Hi. I’m 11 years old and have two Sulcata tortoises. So... here’s my story on tortoise forum. I got my first tort when I was 6. As you may be able to guess I had no idea how to take care of her. So, for around six years she got horrible care. Now she is a 10 inch long, pyramiding Sulcata. I hate...
  8. Jaid10

    Gender guesses

    Hi, I have a 6 year old Sulcata! She/he is WAY SMALL for her age at about 10 inches. Before I came here I was not giving her/him proper care. Luckily I stumbled upon the forum and am giving her/him the care they needs now. I know they might be to small but I’d like to have some guesses on the...
  9. Jaid10

    Questions and concerns find a way to make enclosure

    Hi, I have some questions/ comments about my 6yo Sulcata. I know I’m probably not doing everything right but that’s why I’m here. I’m 11 years old and it can be hard for me to keep up but I’m trying hard to do my best. I have two tortoises, Shelly (6 yo) and Stone (6 mo). For Shelly I feel...
  10. Jaid10

    Tort update/ questions

    Hi guys! It’s been a while since I’ve been on the forum so I thought I’d give an update and while I’m at it I’ll ask some questions. For those of you who don’t know me (most of you) here’s the story of my two torts in the past. For my fifth birthday my parents got me a baby Sulcata tortoise, who...
  11. Jaid10

    What should I buy?

    hi, my baby Sulcata needs a cage upgrade. I was looking at storage containers but wasn’t sure how big they need to be. Any suggestions?
  12. Jaid10


    Hi, I have a few questions about tortoises giving salmonella. When I first got my tort I washed my hands every time I touched my torts because I was told they can give salmonella. I still do that. I’ve seen all these pictures of people letting there torts around there houses. I don’t let my...
  13. Jaid10

    6 week old having trouble eating tortoise food

    Hi, I have a tort that is around 6 weeks old who is having trouble eating Mazuri Tortoise Diet. Before I knew how to actually take care of tortoises I fed her Lettuce. After I learned how wrong that was I started feeding her dandelions and stuff. For some reason I was having trouble finding...
  14. Jaid10

    Shelly’s new enclosure

    Hi, I finally moved my 6yo tort, Shelly into a bigger enclosure. It is not completely finished yet but is working great so far. It is 10 by 10 ft. Is there anything you guys think I should add? I am planting grass and other tortoise safe foods in there. I might make her a heated night box but...
  15. Jaid10

    how much should I feed my tort

    Hi, I was wondering how much I should feed my 6yo sulcata. She is very small for her age, only around 10 inches. I can measure her if you need. No matter how much I feed her she always eats it all in around five minutes.
  16. Jaid10

    Is this ok?

    Hi, I was wondering if this is a good meal for my 4-6 yo tort. A mix of: Blade grass (not sprayed) Salary Lettuce Tomato Red, orange, and yellow sweet mini peppers (no seeds)
  17. Jaid10

    Can I feed my tort grass blades?

    I was wondering if I could feed my 6yo tort grass blades.
  18. Jaid10

    Can I feed my tortoise mowed grass?

    I was just wondering if I could feed my torts grass from the lawnmower? I have a 6yo and a 4wo.
  19. Jaid10

    The tortoise talk

    where if you have any questions, concerns , or thoughts you can talk here with other tortoise people!
  20. Jaid10

    Am I taking good care of my sulcatas?

    Hi, I was wondering if I’m taking care of my tortoises right. I have a six year old and a four week old.i have recently found out that I have been doing things wrong with my tortoises. I feel really bad and want to make sure that I’m not doing anything else wrong. I would like to send pictures...