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  1. wanderlust

    Hello from Northern Utah! (Russians & Sulcata)

    Hi! My name is Michelle and located in Utah up by the Idaho border. I'm new to the forum and am enjoying it so much! I'm so thankful for all of the wonderful information here. Currently, I have two Russians and a Sulcata. I've only been a tortoise mom since the beginning of July when a dear...
  2. wanderlust

    Local Ad - Who can ID these two? (new title - In Need Of Rehab Advice!)

    These two look so sad. All the ad says is "2 tortoises" and it has this one picture. Poor things. If I'm not too late, I can save them, do some research, get them on the right track, and, if they aren't something that I feel properly equipped for, into the hands of someone with the knowledge or...
  3. wanderlust

    Inherited Horsfields

    I inherited two 5-6 year old male Horsfields about a month ago from an elderly lady who purchased them as babies from PetSmart. At least towards the end of her life, they were not taken care of properly. They were both kept in a single pad heated, 10 gallon tank, half filled with timothy hay and...
  4. wanderlust

    Concerns with new Sulcata

    First, I know this tortoise needs a vet check and I will be scheduling an appointment Monday morning. I'm asking here to learn from others experience and so that those more knowledgable can share feedback on what they think I can improve on. I bought a sulcata off our local classified site a...