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  1. daniellenc

    The Mulberry’s are Growing

    Just saying hi from Skurt. Almost three and longing for outdoor time but it’s been too cold lately. Thankfully her weeds are fav foods are ramping up!
  2. daniellenc


    With Skurt in his new cage we also have new substrate. Coco coir on the bottom 2 inches, and 4 inches of reptichip on top. Previously she was on cypress mulch. I have another post about a slight congested sound that has developed and I’m wondering if the reptichip is too dusty. My fatty is...
  3. daniellenc

    Start of An RI?

    So yesterday Skurt slept all day. No food, no roaming, just slept. This morning I woke up to her devouring yesterday’s food in whole and thought ok all is well. She quickly tucked back to bed and has stayed that way. I brought her out for a soak and notice a nasal whistle. Mouth closed, eyes...
  4. daniellenc

    I Can Almost See It.....

    For those of you who remember I ordered Skurt's AP cage back in May of this year. It took me nearly a month to figure out how I wanted everything and Ali from AP cages was beyond helpful and patient. I was supposed to get my cage in August, but my RHP's were delayed from Pro Heat. Then in...
  5. daniellenc

    And They Say They’re Not Climbers

    Someone’s bored after his bath and dinner lol.
  6. daniellenc

    Anyone Else Craving Cashews?

    Sorry had to poke fun. Looks like our international salesman crept through membership screening hehe.
  7. daniellenc

    When Your Hide is Too Small

    Skurts AP cage was scheduled to be here in July, then August, then November, and due to several delays should come this month. In the meantime he’s in his old digs for the winter. His hide has two openings but he insists on using the little one which means he drags his hide everywhere including...
  8. daniellenc

    What’s Everyone Feeding With the Lettuce Shortage?

    As I’m sure everyone has noticed the ecoli outbreak has greatly reduced grocery store offerings. For those in warm climates this is an easy solve but for us northerners I’m struggling. Week one I bought a bunch of radicchio, arugula, endive, and some micro greens. Expensive for one tort and most...
  9. daniellenc

    White Spots on Carapace?

    Little Skurt is not so little at almost 18 months old. He eats everything, poops great, and has been nothing but healthy. He has marbling on his plastron which has grown with him and gives him character. But recently he’s developed white splotches on his carapace between his growth lines. I have...
  10. daniellenc

    Work Related: Need Tort Pics and Memes!!!!!

    I have been tasked to create a webinar series on a few programs within my organization. In addition to the separate webinars these are of course supported by several Power Point presentations........I'm so thrilled! To make this suck less I have been given the go-ahead to insert fun art of my...
  11. daniellenc

    Dehydrating Tort Food?

    Ive been collecting weeds, hibiscus, mulberry and other goodies for winter but air drying is impossible in Maryland’s humidity or at least taking way too long for my lack of patience lol. So I bought this monster which will be here Thursday...
  12. daniellenc

    Jack Fruit, Lychees, and Rambutan?

    Once every other month I hit my Latin or Korean market to mix up my food offerings and stock up on cheap cactus. Today I got pumpkin, aloe, 2lbs of cactus, watercress, guava, dandelion, escarole, okra, and sweet potato leaves. Buuuut I’m always seeing stuff I want to try and can’t find on...
  13. daniellenc

    How Long to Chop Food?

    Skurt is a year now and I thought could take on weeds like a big boy by now but can’t yet? My homegrown radish greens he can crush whole as well as flowers and grocery store greens but thicker weeds like plantain, hasta, dandelion, mulberry, lilac and most others he can’t break off and will...
  14. daniellenc

    Plastic or Clay Terracotta Saucers?

    The countdown for my AP cage has begun and I am expecting it to arrive next month. My little fatty has outgrown his current 6in terracotta saucers for food and water so I am looking to order a 12in version. My current saucers are plastic and I am now wondering do these offer a surface hard...
  15. daniellenc

    Testudo Seed Mix ID

    Ok so I’m growing seeds from tortoise supply, carolina tortoise, and amazon. I bought them last year and have since mixed them up. Not the marigold in the pic which he’s hates but the big leafy stuff....what is it?
  16. daniellenc

    What Is This?

    i found this vine growing over my lilacs. Could have always been there not sure but I thought grape leave. However when I used picture this I’m leaning towards tilia mongolica which does not generate a result on the tortoise table. Any guesses on what it is and if it’s edible?
  17. daniellenc

    The Hastas are Blooming!!!

    The first thing I ever got Skurt to eat was my Hasta flowers. Well I got my first one open today and he is decimating it!! Ok actually it’s gone and he’s looking for more lol. He’ll eat the leaves finely chopped but ate the entire flower in three bites. Now he’s onto papaya. So glad flower...
  18. daniellenc


    @Tom i know you don’t keep red foots ( for shame lol) but I’ve soaked mine daily his first year and he’s 237 grams now and 3.5-4 inches. What do you suggest soaking should be for juveniles?
  19. daniellenc

    How Much Protein?

    My RF currently gets protein bi-weekly but does get mushroom twice a week he’s finally eating and Mazuri with two meals a week. Mushroom consists of half a baby Bella (cause I like them sautéed in butter and garlic on the grill) and Mazuri 3 pieces wetted. His protein is one shrimp bi-weekly...
  20. daniellenc

    Safe Nurseries That Ship Plants?

    i am hoping Skurts cage is done by the end of the summer and while I’m growing a few pots I wanted some potted plants to provide cover and natural hiding spots that would be fuller than the few I have going. I know “organic” can mean a lot of things but no chemical pesticides would be used I’m...