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  1. 4jean

    Happy Birthday @Tidgy'sdad

    Ahh, that's right, enjoy your days!
  2. 4jean

    Happy Birthday @Tidgy'sdad

    Happy Birthday Adam! Hope you enjoy your day!!
  3. 4jean


    Francis is soon to be 3. I thought he was a she....until I was flashed last week during a soak I am just getting used to the idea. What kind of tortoise(s) do you have? Jean
  4. 4jean


    Hi Adam, Thank you for the warm welcome. Francis has dug himself in his cave for the night, but I will be sure to send him your regards first thing in the morning. And same to Tidgy from us!
  5. 4jean


    Well Sabine, I think I must have been hiding in the Northwest corner...but it was so dark I lost my bearings
  6. 4jean


    Hi! I'm Jean. I used to visit the cold dark room often. I have not been in a long long time. I have a Greek tortoise named Francis and this forum has been crucial to me in learning how to care for him. I have just started getting back to it. Hopefully I'll be around more often.
  7. 4jean

    Help, sick tortoise!

    I am sorry for your loss.
  8. 4jean

    fostering and or adopting...humans this time :)

    She is beautiful!!! So happy for you! This must be such a fun summer with her!
  9. 4jean


    Thank you. It has been in the 90's which is hot for us....and really no rain for the past several weeks which is unusual. So I'm glad that it's damp in here, it feels refreshing. I should have brought a few plants with me...or maybe my tort. Francis although she seems to really enjoy this...
  10. 4jean


    Am I too late? I missed the rooomiversay are there any leftovers? Better late than never I hope. I have been away from the forum for quite some time, but my first stop back is to this very cold dark room. Brrr, but it feels good it is very hot here in upstate NY
  11. 4jean

    Recent and random photos

    What a group! I have never seen some of those before, thanks for sharing!
  12. 4jean

    What is your day job?--Help with my quarterlife crisis

    I am a behavioral specialist in a middle school. I spend my days trying to figure out why middle schoolers do the things they do and then how to help them change their behavior. Never a dull moment, my days seldom go as planned and I love (almost) every minute of it.
  13. 4jean

    degus!!! :) :)

    It looks like you are all getting attached to each other! What fun. They are adorable.
  14. 4jean

    Big Bertha Doing Great

    She looks very happy (and healthy) in her new home. Thanks for the update!
  15. 4jean

    Where are my musicians?

    I myself am not particularly musical but I love music. We have a music studio in our house. My husband and son who are both in bands play pretty much any instrument...guitar, drums,piano, harmonica, sax, cello....I am constantly surrounded by music:)
  16. 4jean

    Big Bertha Doing Great

    Hooray! Thank you for keeping this thread going...Big Bertha is quite a celebrity.
  17. 4jean

    Greeks' tribe

    What a nice group. I have a yearling Greek too.
  18. 4jean

    Carpentry skills...

    That looks great!
  19. 4jean

    Saved a life today

    How nice, thanks for sharing!
  20. 4jean

    New guy...

    Hi and welcome to you and Almond (Galmond)!