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  1. Crazy1

    My Yellowfoots

    Yvonne, Love the pics. and Great Info. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Yvonne has an amazing set up and such a good caretaker of her shelled ones.
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    guess the sex

    Gulars are the protrusions on the front of the plastron (bottom shell) just under the chin. Males tend to have rather large ones while females gulars are much smaller.
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    Planting Cactus

    Tom and I use the same recipe. I also live in So. Calif. Also as far as where to plant; Pick a place that you won't forget and bend over or back into it. Even the spineless ones have some small, oh so small, thorns and can be rather irritating to you (won't bother your tort) if you get them in...
  4. Crazy1

    Sully Update.. AND A New Use For A Calcium Bone

    I think it's a Sufer Sully. Looks like he's waiting to catch a wave. LOL. Sully's are so darn cute when they are that tiny.
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    Does golden greek hibernate?

    Hi Cyyoung, It doesn't matter if they are the size of a quarter or 3.5 inches or fully grown golden greeks do not hibernate. I do not know where you are located but True Goldens need temps just a bit higher than other greeks. And yes I too am in So. California like Kimber_lee and if the weather...
  6. Crazy1

    I'm not usually one to do this...

    cute pic got a like from me.
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    A trip to the vet may be in order. Her (from the little I could see) jaw is borken and it looks as though you can move it when you were holding her head to take the pics. A vet could possibly wire it. But eating with a broken jaw unhealed would be very difficult for her and take special care...
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    Tortoise Forum - 25,000 Topics and 250,000 Replies

    We all know this is a great site. We all know the people who moderate it are great We all know that without all of the members it wouldnt' be what it is today. But without Josh it wouldn't be at all. thanks Josh for the vision you had and have for OUR site. Happy 25,000 Topic and 250,000...
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    TFO's Fourth Anniversary: West Coast Get-Together

    Was going to the show on Sat. But since we decided not to meet decided not to go. Too Hot, too tired.
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    Humid Hide substrate

    Chris, I probebly don't have to mention but will, that when you dampen your cypress make sure you check to the bottom of your enclosure. I had my enclosure slightly tipped and found in one corner it got pretty wet at the bottom, like a little puddle in that corner. Once I set it straight I just...
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    OMG! Again...

    Maggie thanks for making my day with another of Bobs Big adventures. I needed a laugh. Sorry it was at your expence. But maybe Bob was trying to tell ya he really wanted his house cleaned really, really good. Or he could have just wanted that jacuzi. Or telling you naps are now out of the...
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    TFO's Fourth Anniversary: West Coast Get-Together

    Hi Everyone. Got my computer on line two days ago and just found this post. I feel like a newbe. Been gone for some time. Doin lots of stuff. Looking forward to seeing some old friends and making new ones. Mile Square Park sounds good to me. If we are going to do a pot luck we might want to do...
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    What kind of Tortoise do I have?

    He is a fine looking Greek. I agree with Yvonne from what I can see it looks like a male. But those additional pics will help tell you if indeed he is male and what subspeicies you have. chips can be cause by something catching a loose area or something falling or someone dropping him. I don't...
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    Greek Hatchling

    She is very sweet. Nice pic Kyryah
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    Classified Ad Replies

    I have no doubt that the members would notify a mod or Josh and if it is that off base then I'm sure something could be done if not a Post about it then a notification of the seller.
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    DBT Trio

    DBT are Beautiful turtles and I love the patterns on there heads each one like a finger print in these pics. :)
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    Happy belated Birthday Tom
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    Thanks Kelly. Good to be back. And nice to see you too.
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    Old and new Intro

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Maggie, No I don't feel the move had anything to do with it. Rusty the old man never seemed quite right from the time I aquired him, his could have just been age. Lil'Bits sibling wasn't doing well before the move,and I think may have had the same problem as...
  20. Crazy1

    Reptile Super Show Summer 2010 - Pomona, CA

    Pics are great. I didn't make it to the show this year either. Not sure I will go to Anahiem either. Darn knee. But it looks like you guys had a great time.