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  1. PumkinRulez

    Too much cuttlefish bone?

    Hi! Is there such thing as too much cuttlefish bone? My tortoise ate an entire bone in two days.
  2. PumkinRulez

    Is it normal to breath heavier while eating?

    Hi! I was filming my sulcata eating dandelion greens and I heard her/him exhale, it wasn’t very loud I just had a mic so you can hear it pretty clearly. Is this just a normal eating thing, or is it bad? here’s the video
  3. PumkinRulez

    Sulcata growth

    Pumpkin’s growth :) First pic was august 2020 second pic June 2021
  4. PumkinRulez


    Help… my red eared slider laid an egg in her pond, the pond is 300 gallons and outside, it has a basking platform but no place to nest. I saw the egg at the bottom of the pond. It could be anywhere from 5 days old to freshly laid because I just came home from vacation. I’m scared she might...
  5. PumkinRulez

    Pumpkin is cute :)

    Hello humans! I have not posted a recent update on Pumpkin recently, my care was not great at first sadly, but I have learned a lot from this forum, so thank you!!! Also, we started a YouTube Channel and Pumpkin has grown so much!
  6. PumkinRulez

    What is this plant?

    What is this plant and can my Sulcata eat it? The person selling it said it was high in omega 3, she told me what it was and I totally forgot
  7. PumkinRulez

    How old is Pumpkin?

    Hi, I’ve almost had Pumpkin a year now and I have no clue how old pumpkin is! I don’t know the story of how my local pet store got pumpkin, but I didn’t get pumpkin from a Breeder, or as a baby! The pic in the Cricket box and on the smooth stone floor is the pics of when I got her January 28th...
  8. PumkinRulez

    Making a hide

    So I want to want to make a hide with a smallish clear tub, it’s like a plastic shoe box... but I wanted to paint it, or make it look a little less like a shoe box. I’m not sure what paint I can use, I have spray paint and even spray foam. I can also glue on pebbles or rocks to make it look nice...
  9. PumkinRulez


    was wondering, could I/ should I try to make it bio active??? I have live moss, and a plant, but me iso pods or spring tails... can they live in repibark???
  10. PumkinRulez


    Hi!!! I really love gardening And I wanted to start planting some stuff for my Sulcata tortoise. I know you can buy grass seed in bulk. Any recommendations for a starter??? It will be in a pot with nothing artificial, nothing but potting soil and seeds/ grass...
  11. PumkinRulez

    Share the cutest pics of your tortoise you have!!!!

    the title explains it, any pic is welcome!!! We all want to share pic of our little (or big!) tortoises, here is the place!!! also! here is Pumkin my Sulcata hatchling!!! It’s the same pic that’s in my icon cause I just love it!!!
  12. PumkinRulez

    Possible RI?! Help plz

    Hello!!! I have had my baby Sulcata tortoise Pumpkin for a few months now. Two days ago pumpkin started to squeak, and I thought it was cute, so I took a video. I played with pumpkin and let her run around. The day after I panicked that it could have been a respiratory infection. I gave her a...