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  1. Grace-Sophia

    Tortoise fun in the shower!

    GUYS!! I created an amazing way to enrich tortoises and hydrate them at the same time! First I cleaned my shower throughly with apple cider vinegar/ water mix and scrubbed with a dish brush. Then I turned the hand held shower head (because it gets less pressure) and popped my torties in there...
  2. Grace-Sophia

    Gender reveal on the Hermann’s tortoise?

    This is the tortoise that I have been waiting on a sex id for… what do y’all think? Male or female? She/he has started to show male like characteristics like marching about the enclosure and just being more active in general. What’s the vote? 😂
  3. Grace-Sophia

    How long do Russian tortoises live?

    Hey all, I am curious as to how long Russian tortoises live? I have an 18 year old RT and his vet said he will live around 30? Is this correct information or does anyone have reports of theirs living longer? I know my Hermann’s can live into their 100s but is this true for Russians? Thank you all.
  4. Grace-Sophia

    Still thinking female?

    Hey all, sorry, I’m probably driving y’all crazy, just curious as to if you think that this little one is still a girl, as she/he has matured quite a bit sense last post of her plastron, thoughts?
  5. Grace-Sophia

    It’s Felix’s Birthday today!

    🥳🎉Happy 18th my rescued love 🥰
  6. Grace-Sophia

    Leopard Tortoise Care? Tell me ALL of it please!!

    Hey all, as mentioned in another thread, I am planning on getting a Leopard Tortoise within the next few years. This will be my fourth tort and I have never had experience with large tortoises of my own, I would like to know everything that I must know to be ready for another blessing in my...
  7. Grace-Sophia

    Can my tortoises eat all of this?

    Minus the spinach-
  8. Grace-Sophia

    Name change?

    Okay guys! So I have a female Herman’s tort I have had sense December, her name is currently Ivy, but I have gotten a name laid on my heart that has just stuck! The name is Hank, but my question is, is it okay or right to change an animals name after they’ve already had it for a few months...
  9. Grace-Sophia

    My twin Hermann’s and their shenanigans!

    Hey all! Thought I would share some cute photos and videos of my two Eastern Hermann’s twins from the same clutch of eggs, they are both 3 1/2 years old, they get into a bunch of shenanigans, feel free to post your pics of your Hermann’s as well! There doesn’t seem to be a lot of (sub) adults...
  10. Grace-Sophia

    Day in the Life!

    Hey all! Just wanted to come on a start a fun thread about what all our tortoises do daily! Does yours sleep, wake up at three AM, go do zoomies, etc. just curious to see the difference in personalities here on the thread! Feel free to post anything funny, kind, or just Plain weird, pictures and...
  11. Grace-Sophia

    Diapers for tortoises?

    Hi all, So I ran into somthing yesterday while scrolling through Etsy, someone is making tortoise diapers, my question is would it be okay to put on a tort? Is it safe for them, I could see it come in really helpful when I take me tortoises out, whether to roam under supervision or taking them...
  12. Grace-Sophia

    Is my little one a Greek or Hermann’s?

    Also, what is the difference between the two? Thanks so much!
  13. Grace-Sophia

    Help!! My Hermann’s has worms!!

    Help!! I was soaking my little guy Murphey and he pooped and it has worms in it!! I already have a dewormer on hand that was a prescription for my other guy who is a Russian when he had worms… they were pin worms though, is this the same? I have also noticed that he has been supper hungry...
  14. Grace-Sophia

    In need of help please ): (lethargic, not eating)

    Okay, so I have a around 20 year old Russian tortoise (could be your get/older) and he recently has not been acting himself, he has just wanted to sleep and hide, and not eat. I even picked up some Mazuri for him and… he DIDNT EVEN EAT IT!! A few months back he struggled with health conditions...
  15. Grace-Sophia


    Hey guys, my family had just found a three toed a few hours ago, he seems like he has shell rot due to one of the lines in his carapace looks like it could just twist off. I live in north Texas in Frisco, we NEVER have box turtles in sight it appears. He looks like an adault, my question is that...
  16. Grace-Sophia

    Leopard tortoise in Collage?

    Hey guys, so I know it’s a few years away still but I will be a freshmen in Highschool this next school year, I already have 3 tortoises for those of you who haven’t watched my other threads. I would absolutely adore to have a Lepord one day, sadly that day will not be soon. My question is is...
  17. Grace-Sophia

    Are my Hermann’s pyramiding?

    Are my tortoises pyramiding?! How do I stop it, will it hurt them, I have gotten their humidity levels up ASAP, will it kill them or will it shorten their life expectancy? Will my babies be okay? I have had them sense December, they are around two years old and are eastern Hermann’s. They eat a...
  18. Grace-Sophia

    Hermann's Subspecies?

    Hello again all, sorry that I have recently been "threading" so much, so much has gone through my head. So now that I have gotten gender conformation from @HermanniChris (i now know I have a female and a male) I am curious as to what their subsepcies are, I will be posting both my male and my...
  19. Grace-Sophia

    What kind of tortoise is this?

    Hello all, I am trying to figure out what kind of tortoise this is for a friend, im not sure, looks like a sulcata, mabey a desert? If any one knows please post down below! Thank you!
  20. Grace-Sophia

    Male or Female Hermann’s Tortoise? Poll! Its a gender reveal!!!

    Think she might be a girl because of her anal scutes! Not sure though! Hoping @HermanniChris sees too! 🤣