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  1. teresaf

    inexpensive worm sites?

    I need earthworms, the huge ones, to feed my huge toads. Anyone have an idea of the most inexpensive site where I could get some in bulk? I figured the box turtle enthusiasts here would already be in the know. I don't really want to make a compost bin. I don't know anything about composting and...
  2. teresaf

    South American marine toad(rhinella marina) male or female?

    Help! I want to name my new little friend but I don't really know how to tell if she's male or female. I'm leaning towards female. She's about 8" from snout to vent if that helps! I haven't heard a peep out of her even though I've held her in different ways.... If I need to get more pictures...
  3. teresaf

    Alocasia/elephant ear-safe?

    Once and for all I would like to know if these are safe to feed my leopard tortoises and my Burmese mountain tortoises. I've seen where our forum folks have said they are safe for them to eat but there's a plant ID site attached to this forum that says they're not to be fed? Plus I just put an...
  4. teresaf

    New MEP enclosure....

    I'm building a new enclosure for my MEPs. About 25 foot by 35 foot square. My MEPs are only about 8 pounds so I hope it's big enough. There are some trees that have Vines growing up them. I'm worried about the vines though. I want to keep them but I'm not sure if they are harmful to tortoises...
  5. teresaf

    female leopard!

    I finally found a female leopard tortoise for sale! She is coming in the mail on Tuesday. I'm buying her from Arizona sulcatas. I can't wait until Tuesday.... Here are pictures! Once I receive her I'll post pictures on the split schute thread. Evidently some people haven't seen too...
  6. teresaf

    wanted-female Leopard Tortoise

    I have a male and I've decided I would get some females to make a group... they'll be well taken care of in a large(400sq ft right now) enclosure inside a fenced backyard in sunny Florida. Pm me or email [email protected]
  7. teresaf

    need help identifying this tortoise

    Someone on Facebook found this in a house they moved in to. And after asking around they think it's a three-toed box turtle. But it kind of looks like a sulcata to me. Maybe not the eyes...I don't know. Shell doesn't flare at edges like a sulcata...
  8. teresaf

    need help IDing the species of this tortoise

    Found this on Craigslist here in Florida. Not native. Too big. Looks to be about 16-18 inches..? I know it's not a sulcata...maybe old leopard?
  9. teresaf

    florida weed IDID

    i have 3 weeds in my tortoise's enclosure. I don't know what they are but instead of yanking them all I thought I'd see if they're tortoise safe. First though, are air potatoes safe for tortoises? I think this firstis "stinky wild Balsam apple"...? Safe? 2nd one looks a bit like "air potato"...
  10. teresaf

    I'm working on my first outside tortoisetortoise yard...

    I've had areas outside like in a little pool or baby yard but I've never designated a part of the yard for my tortoises. The first one I'm doing is for my leopard tortoise who's over a foot long now and almost six years old... I'm not quite finished yet. we had a lot of stuff to do before I...
  11. teresaf

    research paper about using different temps to get different ratios of male vs. female

    I found this a few years ago and thought it was very interesting. We need more females than males so if we educate more of the hobby breeders perhaps it won't be as difficult to find those females we all need for our groups/herds some day in the future. I REALLY found it interesting how these...
  12. teresaf

    good to feed tortoises?

    I have the opportunity to obtain an 8 foot sea hibiscus. I know hibiscus is good but what about this?
  13. teresaf

    to chip or not to chip...

    I have a10lb 12in leopard and two 5 lb Burmese black mountain tortoises... I was thinking of getting them chipped but I don't know if they're big enough or if it was worth it...
  14. teresaf

    Is a wire fence good enough for leopard enclosure?

    I'm making my first outside enclosure. I'm just a girl and don't have a lot of strength so I figured instead of cinder block I'd use a couple fold up wire fence pet yards I found on Craigslist. Leopards don't dig, right? But will he try to go through it? It's going to be a pretty big yard for...
  15. teresaf

    do I need a covered enclosure in my backyard?

    I have a privacy fence thats pictured below surrounding my entire backyard. it would be hard for a raccoon to climb but I guess they could borrow under. I have dogs Loose in the backyard 6 times a day and night minimum that scare most critters away. I want to build an enclosure among some palm...
  16. teresaf

    Female Burmese black mountsin tortoise

    Looking for 8"+ female to add to my other two. Maybe trade for high white 12 inch male leo
  17. teresaf

    tortoise caddy? tote?

    I'm looking for ideas for a carry case or something to put torts in while I bring them in from outside or out from inside...So I can do it in one trip. I have three torts ones 9lbs and the other two are about 4 or 5lbs each. I've heard people using a wheelbarrow but I was looking for something I...
  18. teresaf

    Fill in the blank...."You know your tortoise is outgrowing his enclosure when_____"

    My babies are growing up :( I saw something funny today that made me want to share. If others want to fill in the blank then great! You know your tortoise is outgrowing his enclosure when he starts carrying around his tortoise shell shaped hide on his back! It was hilarious! They were both...
  19. teresaf

    funny itchy turtle

    Hope this works. It's not mine. Someone saw it and showed it to me and I thought I'd share... turn up the volumne
  20. teresaf

    Awesome 95lb sulcata in ohio