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  1. TechnoCheese

    Hawaiian Mourning Geckos (L. lugubris) for sale! (pickup required in North Texas)

    My lovely mourning geckos have matured, and are producing offspring! I'm almost sad to sell them, they're so cute :) These are an all female species (excluding the rare case that a male is hatched, which has been recorded) that reproduce asexually. They are one of the few communal reptiles that...
  2. TechnoCheese

    Chipped beak: should I be worried?

    Hey! I took in Button, my Russian tortoise, about a year ago. His beak was pretty overgrown, and I trimmed it down to the best of my ability. Today, I came out and checked on him, and the front of his beak appears to have chipped off vertically. He is still active, and does not appear to have...
  3. TechnoCheese

    Macro lens pictures :)

    I got a macro lens for my phone for Christmas, and I’m having tons of fun using it. Figured I’d go ahead and make a thread for them as they’re taken. Feel free to post your own macro lens pictures!
  4. TechnoCheese

    Something in Curtis’s eye

    Hey, everyone! Long time no see :) I came outside to check on Curtis, and there appears to be something in his eye causing him discomfort. It seems like it’s really bothering him, and I’m not sure if it’s just some debris or an actual part of his eye that’s damaged. The other eye is completely...
  5. TechnoCheese

    Is there such thing as too much plant coverage?

    Button, my russian tortoise, has been doing very well in his 8x8 outdoor enclosure. However, the plants are pretty tall, and though he does graze, he doesn’t eat enough to keep in trimmed. He seems to be doing fine and navigates well enough, but should I trim it back down to being short? Or is...
  6. TechnoCheese

    Russian tortoise appetites

    Button, my relatively new Russian, came to me about two months ago. He is full grown and a wild caught adult when purchased by the previous owner. He is still a little picky, though I have been able to incorporate a lot more variety than what he was used to, and has never really had much of an...
  7. TechnoCheese

    Hermann’s tortoise with misaligned jaw

    This is not my tortoise, but instead a friend’s on another reptile site. I’m just making a thread for her. Today, she noticed that Derby, her Hermann’s tortoise, has a misaligned jaw. He has not suffered any trauma that she knows of. She thinks that he has still been eating like this, and it...
  8. TechnoCheese

    How to make a cheap 8x8 foot outdoor enclosure

    A lot of tortoise keepers struggle with finding ways to allow their tortoise the space that they so desperately need. Further, outdoor keeping allows for tortoises to bask in true sunlight, which there is no perfect alternative to, and really brings out their natural behaviors and personalities...
  9. TechnoCheese

    Button’s thread

    Tomorrow, I’ll hopefully be receiving Piglet from the lovely @DesertAmy. I’ve been wanting to take in a russian for a few years now, and I am absolutely ecstatic that the day is finally here! I am so excited to offer this adorable boy a wonderful home where he’ll be spoiled, as well as offering...
  10. TechnoCheese

    Pond for growing Sulcata?

    Curtis has outgrown his 16 inch saucer, and needs an upgrade. To make a shallow pond, do you just dig out a big dip in the ground and fill it with concrete? Or do you need some sort of support for it, like hardware cloth, or a coating of some kind?
  11. TechnoCheese

    Look who decided to pay Curtis a visit!

    This morning, my mom heard something crying at our back door, and our cat was freaking out. She came over to investigate, and low and behold, there was a tiny black kitten at the door. It’s really skittish, so it ran away, but I found it camping out under Curtis’s nightbox. I gave it some wet...
  12. TechnoCheese

    Curtis has gone missing

    Curtis, my 12 inch Sulcata, has been missing for at least 24 hours. I last saw him on Sunday, when I came out and gave him some Mazuri, and noticed he was missing yesterday. I’ve looked for him all of last night and today (stayed home from school to look), and have not seen any sign of him. He...
  13. TechnoCheese

    Sulcata plastron starting to concave?

    It’s a little hard to get a pic, but Curtis’s plastron seems to have been getting more and more concave. Is this just normal for plastrons, or is “he” maybe starting to look male? Curtis is 12 inches long. (PS- just projectile peed in the pics. Time for a soak!)
  14. TechnoCheese

    I may be rescuing a russian in a DIRE situation

    For the past few weeks, my friend who lives in Connecticut has been informing me of her friend’s tortoise’s... situation. They purchased their tortoise from petco, and it is currently being housed in a 20 gallon, being fed once every 3 days with no lighting. This tortoise has been fed goldfish...
  15. TechnoCheese

    Happy Holidays from Curtis!

    Took a while to get these, he just wouldn’t stop eating! Happy holidays to you guys :)
  16. TechnoCheese

    Anyone keep collared lizards?

    I might be getting a 220 gallon tank soon, with a floor space of almost 15 square feet. It would be cool to get a trio of collareds, but there’s a good amount of conflicting info out there. Anyone keep these guys? It would be nice to know how much they need to be fed, if a male will overbreed...
  17. TechnoCheese

    Desert tortoise pictures needed for Sulcata care guide!

    Im currently putting together a Sulcata care guide for the reptile site I moderate (which I may be posting here), and I need pictures of desert tortoise nuchal scutes and legs. I’m doing a section of differentiating Sulcatas from other tortoises, and I figured I could get some pictures from...
  18. TechnoCheese

    !!!Amazon is having great reptile product sales!!!

    Look at these prices!! I got an extra large water bowl, medium water bowl, pothos, crocodile skull (which is huge, by the way) and giant half log for ~16$!
  19. TechnoCheese

    Shell scraping- how much is too much?

    Curtis moved outside full time about a month ago, and he’s been doing pretty well. However, while I was cleaning his shell to apply coconut oil, I noticed that under the dust from his shell being scraped, it appears that he scraped a scute down to show another “layer”(?). He doesn’t act any...
  20. TechnoCheese

    Curtis is 3, and officially outside full time!

    It’s Curtis’s 3rd birthday, so what better day to move a 200 pound 4x4x2 night box 1/10 of a mile by hand? This night box actually got finished in December of last year, but it was too cold to put him out, and it was so hard to move that it just got put off for way too long. We made this night...