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  1. Blastoise

    New Hatchlings!

    In August I got two clutches. In the first batch 2 out of three hatched this week. I have 4 more incubating and 3 look to have healthy torts inside, Im expecting those to hatch in 2-3 weeks. I have 2 females and 1 male in a large outdoor enclosure during the summer, all the eggs were from a...
  2. Blastoise

    New Tortoise!

    I got this female Russian off of craigslist. She's doing great so far. She's a little timid when I get close so I am going to wait a week or so to trim her beak. I haven't named her yet.
  3. Blastoise

    Interesting Study On Foraging Behavior and Diet In The Wild

    This study was done in 1999 in Uzbekistan. The tortoises were only active 3 months out of the year, 9 months of hibernation! They were only active <2 hours per favorable day and forged for <15 min per day. They also buried themselves at night in sand, and ate lots of poppies, a plant the...
  4. Blastoise

    Wiggle, Squiggle, Squirm. Worms.

    Can I feed my RT a worm here and there? Theres several videos on youtube and it looks like they love 'em.
  5. Blastoise

    Female Russian Tortoise Wanted

    Hello, I would like to get one or two more female Russian tortoises to start a breeding group. My goal is to successfully and consistently breed Russian tortoises and offer captive bred tortoises for adoption.
  6. Blastoise

    Raccoon and Opossum. Lid for outdoor enclosure.

    I have a Russian tortoise enclosure that is 16' by 8' and made out of cinder blocks stacked 2 high. I wanted to make a lid out of wood and hardware cloth. If it is just sitting on top of the cinder blocks without hinges or a lock will this still be secure? I think the lid would weigh at least...
  7. Blastoise

    multiple clutches?

    My female russian laid two eggs a couple weeks ago. Can I expect more eggs without more mating? I have her alone in a nice outdoor enclosure. I mated her with my other tortoise a month ago.
  8. Blastoise

    Russian Egg Laying Questions

    About a month or so ago I put my female and male together for a week, I noticed some mating activity happening, which was the goal all along. I've since moved the female to a nice private enclosure. Today I thought she was digging a test nest, but I actually missed the egg laying and she went...
  9. Blastoise

    Female nesting activity

    Its been about a month or so since I put my male and female Russian tortoises together in an outside area for a week. I did notice mating activity during that week. Now the female has dug a couple practice holes so I'm thinking I could get eggs any day now. I got the incubator set up too...
  10. Blastoise

    Engraving a Tortoises Shell?

    I found this story about the Ploughshare Tortoise. Conservationists held an event called "tattoo the tortoise". I always thought engraving a tortoises shell would be really bad for the tortoise. I understand why they are doing it, but it just seems kind of wrong...
  11. Blastoise

    How long will it take a russian to impregnate a female?

    Here's my situation. I have a female russian tortoise I am trying to get pregnant. I also have a male russian tortoise. I put them in an outdoor enclosure two weeks ago. Today I noticed the first signs of mating. The male was very agressive but I don't know if he was successful. The female...
  12. Blastoise

    Update and Plans For Tortoise Breeding

    I've almost had my two Russians for a year now. They have been in the same cage for a few months and they are doing well together. The male had a bad infestation of worms when I got him and he is almost back to normal. He is eating a lot more than he had been and is much more active than he...
  13. Blastoise

    Eugene The Uninterested Tortoise

    I've had Eugene since February. He was very very active for the first month or two, ate as much food as I gave him, and would run to the food whenever I fed him. Then he got a really bad case of pinworms and one other parasite I can't remember. After a week of him acting strange I noticed...
  14. Blastoise

    Russians at a Reptile Show

    I might be going to the NARBC in Chicago this fall to get a couple Russian Tortoises. Does anyone know how much one would cost at the show? Is it cheaper than in Retail Stores? There's one store by me that wants 180 dollars for an adult Russian, but I was hoping to get one or two cheaper at...
  15. Blastoise

    How Big Was Your RT When You Got It?

    How big was your RT when you got it? How big is it now? How much time has passed since you got it? Any idea how old it is? I got both my RT's from pet stores, they told me both were around five years old, but they don't really know. My male is 17.3 oz and my female is 17.65 oz. I just...
  16. Blastoise

    Picking up 2 CL Russians on friday!

    Just got off the phone with a woman moving to florida, she's selling me her two RT's for fifty bucks! One male and one female! She's had em for about five years. They are going to the vet next week and I have two large cages set up for em already. They look a little neglected, but not the...
  17. Blastoise

    Not Eating RT Grazing Mix

    Sure, i'll notice a bite here or there gone from one of the leaves, but Eugene roams his enclosure and only eats when I put in some store bought greens, even though he has lots of RT grazing mix growing. Some is way overgrown, and some is barely two inches tall, and he leaves it alone. Would...
  18. Blastoise

    Let a Sleeping Tort Lie?

    Is it okay to move a sleeping tortoise? I get home from work at night, and if it's not tortoise friendly weather for the day they are in the indoor enclosures. Is it okay for me to move sleeping tortoises from the indoor enclosure to the outdoor one so they can wake up early with the sun and...
  19. Blastoise

    Pics of my Torts

    Here is a few pics of my russians. The first three are of Eugene, I got him at a local pet shop in march, he's a little over four inches SCL. He was in a tank with a redfoot and a greek. I didn't know that was bad until I got him home and found this site. He was infested with pinworms, but...
  20. Blastoise

    Russian Subspecies Breeding

    Can two RT's of different subspecies breed with each other?