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    Sulcata, Cherryhead, Redfoot shell rot, SCUD

    Opinions plz. Any signs of shell rot or SCUD? If so, what remedies could I practice instead of taking them to the vet?
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    Sri Lanka Star Tortoise male or female

    Hi, In September, I ordered a yeArling Sri Lankan Star Tortoise from Tortoise town. Now I’ve had the tortoise for 7 months and weighs about 114 grams. Also about 4 1/2” inches. Is there any way to determine the sex rn?
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    Snake necked turtle???

    Hi, Ik this isn’t a site for turtles but I am wondering if anyone sells or breeds the Eastern Snake necked turtle (Chelodina longicollis)? Is it an easier turtle to keep like the Red eared slider? What is their exact size? Some sites say they’re only 9 inches others say they’re 15 inches. Is...
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    Sri Lankan Star Tortoise

    I recently purchased a Sri Lankan Star Tortoise from tortoise town. I ordered the tortoise as a 1 year old and to be female. I have a few questions. Is this typically the size of a 1 year old Sri Lankan star tortoise? My sulcata was twice the size by the time he was one. Ik they are totally...
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    Looking to adopt a male sulcata

    I’m looking for a male sulcata that is about 8” to 12” in length to give a forever home to. I’m not looking fir any females or hatchlings. A juvinule or young adult male will do. I am located in the northern part of Philadelphia. Thx, Jacob
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    Trade for a male sulcata??

    I’m looking for a male sulcata. I have two male Russian tortoises to trade him for also a female sulcata to trade for a male. Plz contact me for more info or questions on 267 410 0667 Thx Jacob
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    Indian Star Tortoise

    hi all, I’m looking for a Indian Star tortoise to buy at a goid price. Or I have two Russian tortoises to trade for it. Thx Jacob
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    Sulcata male or female

    so I’ve had my sulcata since it was a hatchling and the guy to me it was a male. And I’m like ‘how does this guy know it’s sex, it’s no bigger than a quarter!’ And now I’ve had it for 3 yrs and now it’s grown to about 8 inches long. Yet, I’m still wondering what it’s sex is. Thx for the...