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  1. pineapple

    1.5 yr old RUSSIAN for sale

    I am charging a fee for both to keep away flippers. I also require proof of current tortoise ownership and what kind of set-up you plan to offer. People who take the time to tell me about themselves and their tortoise experience go to the front of the line. Our beloved :tort: Pineapple has to...
  2. pineapple

    How do you exchange money when selling

    I'm selling my tort and have been educated on the shipping method but don't know how/what the money exchange would look like. I don't want to ship my tortoise and not get paid! Advice?
  3. pineapple

    1.5 year old Russian for Sale

    Looking to sell our beloved "pineapple" to an experienced tortoise owner. With an upcoming military move to S. Korea there is no way we can keep shim (she/him). Maybe to someone who would be willing to send us pics every now and then? Pineapple is almost 3 inches long and has healthy new...
  4. pineapple

    Tank size

    I know bigger is better but what size indoor tank do you recommend for a 2-4 yr old russian tort? My guy currently is 1.5 yrs old has a 20 gal tank but spends a lot of time outdoors in a large enclosure. We live in Tucson so the weather is great pretty much year round. With an upcoming move...
  5. pineapple

    Military move to S. Korea

    My husband and I just received orders to S. Korea and are trying to figure out if we can bring our Russian Tort with us. I know they allow dogs and cats but I can't find any regulations on reptiles. Also, I've seen several pet shipping companies online but wondering if anyone has used them or...
  6. pineapple

    How much do RT's poop?

    Seems like my RT is pooping a lot this week, not sure is that is good or bad. This photo is from her morning soak. She pooped 5 times in one day two days ago!
  7. pineapple


    Ants seem to have invaded my new outdoor enclosure. Any ideas on how to get rid of them without harming my Tortoise? I can't put him out there without them crawling all over him.
  8. pineapple

    Humidity for Russians?

    Keep my substrate moist but should I be concerned with humidity levels? I've read conflicting ideas.
  9. pineapple

    Russian owners in Tucson?

    I'm new to all of this and was wondering if there are any RT owners in Tucson that have experience and are willing to share their knowledge.
  10. pineapple


    As anyone had any luck freezing their fresh greens? I heard you can chop it up and put it in an ice cube tray and then just pop out one each day and defrost. My tort is so small that he only eats a small amount before it goes bad. With winter approaching I'm forced to buy a lot of my greens from...
  11. pineapple

    25 watt UVB?

    Has anyone ever seen a 25 watt UVB? My baby tort's tank is 10 inches high and is in a bookshelf with about 8 inches of space above the tank. and I don't want to upgrade until next year when he gets bigger. I have a 25 watt basking and it keeps the basking area at 90-95 degrees. I'd love to get a...
  12. pineapple

    Boy or Girl?

    Can you help me figure out if my 1 yr old Russian is a boy or girl? I know it is early to tell but I'd love your educated guesses!
  13. pineapple

    Russian Outdoors

    Adjustment period? Got my one year old Russian Tortoise named "pineapple" about two weeks ago. This tort is spoiled and has everything it could need/want in its enclosure (two hideouts in different temps, shallow water dish, fresh food daily, cuttle bone, coconut and reptile bark mixed...