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  1. Pokey

    Tortoise sleeping outside burrow

    I have an approximately 25 year old female Morafkas Desert Tortoise (whose been in my care for about ten years). Lately when I walk out back at night I notice she’s sleeping outside her burrow out in the open. Is that behavior normal? I’m worried that a great horned owl or something else might...
  2. Pokey

    Sonoran Desert Tortoise Fused Toenails/Claws

    Hello, Ms. Tortoise is around 24 years old now I would estimate and I’ve had her for around 10 years. It suddenly occurred to me today that she has two toenails or claws that are fused together — is this going to be an issue in the future? I looked back on old photographs of her to see if...
  3. Pokey

    Tortoise wants to keep hibernating

    Hello, I have a female that I found in the rubble of the demolished building a couple of years ago. She seems pretty healthy, although as you know with tortoises it's sometimes hard to tell. For some reason this year she doesn't really want to come out of hibernation though which I'm a bit...