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  1. Ashliewood

    Russian tortoise seed mix

    I have a bag of Carolina pet supply Russian Tortoise seed mix that was used for a tiny patch of food about 3feet by 3 feet. Is there anyone near Seattle, wa area that needs this? Otherwise I will throw it away as I'm moving overseas and no longer have a tortoise! I have a picture of the bag if...
  2. Ashliewood

    ANOTHER turtle wandered into the yard

    This little "guy" wandered into the yard to chomp on the grass! Then he tried To get into the garage(twice) Silly thing would have been trapped!
  3. Ashliewood

    Seller beware!

    There is a lady named Carol, she goes by the name blessed3x. She "bought my tortoise from me a year ago, she was extremely "forgetful" or was super "busy" she was suppose to pay me on the agreed amount of $150 for my Russian tortoise, all his things including a $25 mvb. And a custom bookshelf...
  4. Ashliewood

    Wild box turtle wandered into the yard

    We are in Oklahoma and this little guy came out of his burrow (assuming) when we laid some mulch down in the gardens.
  5. Ashliewood

    Mr tortie

    I'm sad to be re homing him, he is so friendly :(
  6. Ashliewood

    What kind of tortoise/turtle?

    I'm curious what kind of Tortoise/turtle this is. The owner says its a cherry head red foot.
  7. Ashliewood

    A little tomato

    Mr. Tortie eating a little slice of tomato with an audience of three year olds, one of which is autistic, he loves him
  8. Ashliewood

    Male russian tortoise

    I have my male Russian of unknown age up for sale/adoption. My husband is in the military and we are up for orders here soon and will be moving across the country or to another country, I want to make sure out beloved pet can be with someone who will love him and treat him as a tortoise should...
  9. Ashliewood

    New temporary enclosure

    So, Mr. Tortie decided to escape his enclosure yesterday an luckily after 10 min frantically searching for him I found him eating my neighbors grass..... Well that will never happen again. Just a lit tle bit of information here, I live in Washington and we don't get very many warm days in the...
  10. Ashliewood

    Cement liner in tort table

    So, I have a bookcase that I sealed up with silicone but the particle board will definitely get soggy. I was wondering if anyone has lined their tort table with a thin layer of cement? Or if anyone had any suggestions to keep it from getting soggy. Thanks in advance :-)
  11. Ashliewood

    Torts first time outside

    He got some exercise today :-)
  12. Ashliewood

    Baytril side effects?

    I mr turtle is on day 3 of his baytril injections, he is quite lethargic and not as excitable with foods. The vet said they didn't hurt him but he does a little squeak when I do it :-( its really tearing at my wart strings. Has anyone else had this reaction? Just a little note, he is being...
  13. Ashliewood

    Can someone else do it :-( (giving shots)

    I am having a hard time with having to give mr turtle his shots :-( and I had to do 10 of them.....ah! He has some shell rot..... I wish I didn't have to do it... Anyone else had to do this?
  14. Ashliewood

    Mazuri face

    Love it! Mazuri mixed with hay and some TNT, he loved it so much!!
  15. Ashliewood

    Wild box turtle

    This is a box turtle in Oklahoma that wandered into their yard:-) well it probably lives in their yard :-) I also saw tons of wild res in the local pond! It was so fun! We also saw a wild snapping turtle! We hope to go back this summer
  16. Ashliewood

    My RT has a rough life

    ;-) he seems to be having a hard day
  17. Ashliewood

    Strawberry face

    Love this face
  18. Ashliewood

    Soft spots

    Hello! I have a wc Russian, have had him since August 2011. He recently had some flakes of shell come off in the bottom of his Shell the size of a nickel or a bit Larger. The spots werent soft of anything but now they are white ish and seem soft. I'm not sure if this is an emergent issue as our...
  19. Ashliewood

    Want to share pictures

    He is acting like a normal tortoise now! He is so cute :-) he has been very busy exploring and digging.
  20. Ashliewood

    Craigslist ad claiming this is sulcata So, I came across this ad, she says it's a sulcata but from the one picture she has it doesn't quite look like a sulcata. I have emailed asking if she is taking care of it properly and if she is sure its a sulcata... What do you think?