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    Female Red Foot for Sale (MA)

    She is 9 years old; 8.5". She has ALWAYS been small, and healthy. Local adopters please (too cold to ship). Not able to upload pix here. $180.00 for tort.
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    New RT Enclosure?

    I am wondering if this will work for my RT as her indoor enclosure for the winter months. I would obviously get rid of the glass shelving and have some ideas on how to make a second level. They are asking $150.00.
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    Tort Names & How Many?

    What are your torts names and how many do you own? I now have 3: 2 RT's-Squibbles & Sophie 1 RF-Mini Waffles
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    Chi is in love with fake tortoise

    I went on vacation and brought back a fake tortoise. It's brightly colored so I placed it in the living room next to my plants. My chihuahua, Charley is in love with it. She protects it from the other dogs and will sleep next to it. I have placed it next to her to show her it in not real, but...
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    Adopted RT-Shell Distorted

    I adopted this female RT today; she was free. She is 10 years old. In the first few years of her life she had seen daylight. The last 6 years she has been spent in a cement bin in a corner of a room with a UVB bulb overhead. I only took the tort as I already have a female RT and have a nice...