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    Soaking and age guesses?

    Hi! I have a leopard tortoise that I got a few months ago, and I was wondering how old he is? Our guess was 3? He is around 10 inches. Also, I've seen that some people soak and bathe their tortoises? There is a wide but pretty shallow terracotta pot base with water semi-buried in his enclosure...
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    scared of the gardeners?

    i was just feeding my leopard tortoise (our gardeners had just gotten here) and he started scrambling to get away and hide. usually he just goes for the food or water. it seemed like he was pretty scared so i put him somewhere he could hide, and when I was setting him down, he started scrambling...
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    a couple questions :)

    Hi! I was just wondering if anyone knows if watermelon rinds are okay for leopard tortoises to eat? Also about how often can they eat fruits and treats? My tortoise also has a kind of a lot of pyramiding (he had it when we got him about a month ago). Any suggestions on what to do to fix it, or...
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    looking for leopard tortoise in LA area

    i'm looking for a mostly grown leopard tortoise that would be safe living outside. I live in the Los Angeles area. If you have one let me know :)