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  1. JoesMum

    Happy Birthday Yvonne G!

    Happy Birthday to our favourite Moderator @Yvonne G ! I hope you have a wonderful day!
  2. JoesMum

    Galápagos tortoise found alive is from species thought extinct

    Full article here
  3. JoesMum

    Free Plant ID app for your smartphone

    I really recommend the Seek app by iNaturalist for aiding your plant identification. It uses a combination of your location and a photo taken by your phone camera to work out what you’re looking at. It’s really handy to just pull your phone out of your pocket, point and know what you’re...
  4. JoesMum

    502 Bad Gateway

    i had this problem for several minutes just now. Are there problems your end @Josh ?
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    Adopted a Marginated Tortoise

    Hi @SamanthaLouise I have copied your message to me and started a thread with it. I am just going in to work, but will come back this evening. In the meantime, would you be able to add some photos of what you have as it will help us to help you [emoji4]
  6. JoesMum

    Tortoise opens University Science Laboratories

    With a little help from ‘Charles Darwin’ the tortoise, naturalist and TV presenter Chris Packham officially opened the new Joseph Banks laboratories at the University of Lincoln.
  7. JoesMum

    Happy New Year!

    As those of us East of the Atlantic Ocean have now reached 2018, I would like to wish everyone on TFO a very Happy New Year. Personally, I cannot thank you all more for your support in the most difficult of years for me following the loss of Joe. It’s entirely due to the wonderful people here...
  8. JoesMum

    Need help regarding gravid Indian Star tortoise

    Not me! I received the following as a Private Message from @Rony khade, but feel it would be better as a thread... partly because I have no experience whatsoever with gravid torts! Over to you experts
  9. JoesMum

    Photos posted in the Android App don’t show in the iOS app or on browser version

    Nice little demonstration for @Josh using this post Photos posted by @JSWallace in the Cold Dark Room using the Android app show on my Android tablet in the app But they don’t show in the Chrome browser (in this...
  10. JoesMum

    Photo Upload fails in Android App - "Media sharing disabled"

    Could you take a look at this please @Josh when you have chance? You can only upload photos by logging in through a browser
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    Greek Tort found walking over the 3 mile Severn Bridge from Wales to England

    Tortoise found on Severn Bridge rescued by motorist - BBC News We have been having a spell of unusually hot weather in the UK and this old girl decided to trot over to England from Wales using the motorway over the River Severn. The bridge is 3 miles long. It's toll free in that direction -...
  12. JoesMum

    Fire 'caused by a heat lamp' kills tortoise, rabbit & guinea pigs

    From our local news... another lamp fire :( Pets were killed in a Tunbridge Wells house fire 'caused by a heat lamp'
  13. JoesMum

    RIP Joe :(

    We are simply devastated. Joe came out of hibernation this morning and seemed OK but groggy as you would expect. During this afternoon's soak his head suddenly went floppy. It recovered but we took him straight to our vet. Sadly an x ray showed a massive tumour. The prognosis is very poor...
  14. JoesMum

    Thread titles starting http

    Just a suggestion to reduce the forum spam load @Josh If you blocked http from being part of a thread title, you would thwart the most common spam I see. It's a pain in the browser version as the link resolves. In the apps, you can just open the thread and report it. However, you could stop...
  15. JoesMum

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    To all our friends in the USA - a very Happy Thanksgiving. :) Have a good day and try not to eat too much ;)
  16. JoesMum

    Could we have a Hibernation forum / sub forum?

    Every year we get a string of questions about hibernation/brumation and they're all over the place in many forums. And it's clear the 2016 season has begun. I'd like to suggest a home for these threads either as a stand alone forum or maybe as a subforum of Enclosures or Tortoise Health perhaps?
  17. JoesMum

    UK Tortoises given oxygen after house fire rescue
  18. JoesMum

    South African crocodiles toying with a Leopard Tortoise

    This one is widely reported in the British press today
  19. JoesMum

    Demonstrating the effect of Blue Slate on temperature

    Here in the UK the weather isn't always as good as it might be. It's been cold and wet for the last 24 hours, but the sun came out about an hour and a half ago. Current air temperature 15C / 59F Temperature of brick paving in the shade 13.8C / 56.8F Temperature of identical bricks in full...
  20. JoesMum

    IQ Test fail

    Joe sees his nemesis - the lawnmower - no he didn't go round the fence! :D