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  1. Beasty_Artemis

    Is Artemis a Dude?

    So I checked out the comparison illustration of the two genders in red foots that Yvonne posted. And Artemis vent doesn't seem to resemble female anal scutes..... very shallow ventral opening. And I'm not seeing any rounded + deeper opening as seen in the illustration I viewed. What do the...
  2. Beasty_Artemis

    Im looking for the best fountain! Suggestions?

    Someone suggested a great inexpensive fountain that they had installed in their tortoise table not to long ago. Does someone have a link somewhere? Their tortoise could shower under the overhanging metal leaves because it looked more like a sculpture than a pile of rocks....
  3. Beasty_Artemis

    Custom Tortoise Aluminium Sign ? Im on the hunt!

    Can anyone on the forum recommend someone I can order a custom tortoise sign from? I ordered one from a seller in the UK like, 3 month ago, but it never showed up. So I thought I might just get someone to just make me one.... is it possible? Or even recommend? It seems so lame...but I still...
  4. Beasty_Artemis

    Help! : Converting to Shower Curtain Enclosure!

    So I have been struggling with the conditions of my red footed tortoise table for the entire week! It's really taxing on me..... I had my lights inadequately temporarily taped up to my while I calibrated the temps. But while I had my back turned, the tape came loose and my light descended 2...
  5. Beasty_Artemis

    Whistling redfoot : gender dimorphism?

    So, I have asked about this before I believe. But just cannot remember. My 4 year old red foot, Artemis, has always "whistled". When I first received her in the mail as a new hatchling, I dont recall it being quite as striking. But as she has aged , she has continued to develop a more and...
  6. Beasty_Artemis

    Recommended Digital Temp Gun

    I knew I needed to get one of these for a while now... Are there recommend brand names members might lean towards? Or are there brands that you would avoid like the plague if you were in my position? Is there a " Best " brand of digital temp gun that fellow members would suggest I order for my...
  7. Beasty_Artemis

    Doll collecting forums? I cannot find any!

    Are there any forums for doll collecting / doll making out there that members can recommend to me? I have joined a couple in the past, but they had no activity it seems..... I'm not sure where the most popular community online would be for something like that. I've been a member on an online...
  8. Beasty_Artemis

    What Kind of Tile Do You Use Their Enclosure ?

    So I've heard members suggest using a "flat tile" to be your feeding tray. So what kind? I'm drawing a blank.
  9. Beasty_Artemis

    Portland Metro Reptile Expo 2020

    I am definitely going to plan ahead and go to the Portland Metro Reptile Expo this year. Last year, when I looked up what date it was on, it turned out it had been the week earlier. Oopsy! I've had alot of fun in the past , so I'll be looking forward to January 12th. My kind of holiday.
  10. Beasty_Artemis

    How do I post pics?

    Hello, dumb question! I have been having problems posting pics and I'm being told every picture is to big. Hmmmm... Any tips? Do I have to use a specific picture hosting site like a couple of other forums I've joined over the years....? Mabey I'm just technologically illiterate. Quite possible.
  11. Beasty_Artemis

    Good protein for Red Foots?

    So what foods are recommended for feeding red footed torts? Artemis is a big fan of shrimp and hard boiled eggs, but I dont give her any other kinds of meat. I kind of want to know if I could add some variety there .... ? Any experiences here on the forum?
  12. Beasty_Artemis

    Bulk sphagnum moss?

    Does anyone know the best place to order sphagnum moss in bulk? I'm working on my new table and will need lots and lots of substrate SOON! Any suggestions?
  13. Beasty_Artemis

    Double Decker Tortoise Table Build

    So after as almost a year of delays, I've finally began my upgraded tortoise table. I'll post some pics once I can figure out how! My current table was only intended to be temporary last year , and is made from daisy chained Christmas tree tubs. I intended to implement my current plan a long...
  14. Beasty_Artemis

    Cheap bookshelf suggestion ?

    I was looking for a cheap bookshelf that I can order new for less than $20. But now I cant find the one I had planned to get online for cheap! Can anyone offer me some ideas? I was looking at a $14.95 one but now I cannot find it. You know the kind that you put togather yourself?
  15. Beasty_Artemis

    Ramp suggestions for second level addition

    So I'm doing a whole table rebuild here shortly and my design might end up with a second story addition on my table. I have very limited future space after this update. Her table extends around the two walls of her tortoise room and I'm doubling the width, and height of the current space. While...
  16. Beasty_Artemis

    Any recommended Russian or Pancake tort books???

    So I was hoping there were any quality books out there about Russians and Pancakes for my tortoise library. But, unfortunately, there are no books in the "Chelonian Library" collection. Bummer! Who would think that they would neglect to publish a scientific tome in that set on Russians! So...
  17. Beasty_Artemis

    My Red Foot has always whistled...!

    So I've had Artemis since 2016 and she has always made distinct whistling sounds as she breathes! Like, pretty darn loud whistles I can here outside of my tortoise room when she is exploring her enclosure every day....(???) I can usually rely on those noises to keep track of here location in...
  18. Beasty_Artemis

    Is Vicki done selling hatchlings on TortoiseYard.com!?

    Oh no, is Vicki saying goodbye forever???? When did she update her website, tortoiseyard.com? I some how must have missed her message since the last time I was there a month back! I blew it not grabbing two of her last group of red foots that she had listed. If I had only known that was my last...
  19. Beasty_Artemis

    Outdoor paint for my turtle statue?

    I want to repaint a couple of tortoise garden statues that are getting pretty scratched up. If I was to use acrylic paints on them, would it be possible to use some clear waterproof sealer to protect the stuff from pealing off?
  20. Beasty_Artemis

    Looking for a male red foot in Oregon!

    So I have thought about the possibility of adopting or buying a red foot that is for sure a male. I have heard people requesting new homes for obnoxious male animals in the past, so I thought I would throw it out there. I'm in Portland, but we could drive a long way to pick a red foot up in person!