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  1. Chubbs the tegu

    Having enclosure ready

    Hey guys, idk if this is the right spot to post this thread.. but i see a lot of ppl getting tortoises before their setup is up and running. In my opinion ur enclosure should be up and running 3 days minimum to get everything right.. temps, humidity etc. just an idea to somehow get that out...
  2. Chubbs the tegu

    Best concert you’ve been to

    Hey guys, just thought id start this thread for any music lovers out there!
  3. Chubbs the tegu

    Anyone know what this is?

    Something new popping up on the side of my house
  4. Chubbs the tegu

    No moderators allowed.. enter at your own risk

    Just thought id try something different.. hopefully i dont get booted haha
  5. Chubbs the tegu

    Anybody know what this is?

    Anybody know what this weed is?
  6. Chubbs the tegu

    Whos ready for football season ?!!

    Football is back!
  7. Chubbs the tegu

    Omg this poor tort

    So my girlfriend was at pet store grabbing me some dubias and she sent me a pic of this sulcata someone dropped there :(
  8. Chubbs the tegu

    Jack the sulcata

    Hi guys, just starting this thread for little jack to watch him grow and watch his adventures :):tort: hope you guys enjoy
  9. Chubbs the tegu

    New sulcata coming

    Hey guys, super excited ! Just got done talking to Austin from arizona sulcata and my baby will be here Tuesday. Cant wait! Ive watched his vid on how he starts his babies and was really impressed and he was really helpful and quick to respond to my emails . Ill update on tuesday with some pics.
  10. Chubbs the tegu

    Sully passed

    Hi guys, my lil baby sully passed the other day almost out of no where. Ive done everything right and am just so pissed and upset. He just started getting really lethargic and not eating much last week and then i found him lifeless the other day. I read a post by tom about dry start by the...
  11. Chubbs the tegu

    Picking up my new northern monday

  12. Chubbs the tegu

    Arizona tortoise compound

    Hi guys, im looking for an ivory sulcata tortoise baby any one have any experience with ATC?
  13. Chubbs the tegu

    Platinum yellow leucistic red foot

    Absolutely stunning! Anyone have $9000 i can borrow? Haha
  14. Chubbs the tegu


    Any tegu parents in here?
  15. Chubbs the tegu

    Cant wait till summer!

    Cant wait till it warms up here to chill and let sully enjoy the backyard!
  16. Chubbs the tegu

    Bath time for baby sully

    Bath time for baby sully
  17. Chubbs the tegu

    New here

    hello all! Im Jay from MA. After lots of research i decided to dive in to the life of owning a sulcata. I have a hatchling names sully “i know so original lol” anyway i decided to join the forum because im always open to new info and opinions on raising and having a happier baby. Ill stop...