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  1. annette@easingpaw.com

    3 lovely Russian tortoise babies for sale

    3 healthy and strong Russian tortoise babies for sale. They are about 50g and 2.5 inch. They are from my own breeding group. I'm asking $185 plus shipping or pick up locally. Please email for more info: [email protected]
  2. annette@easingpaw.com

    2.1 Western Hermann's tortoises

    2.1 Western Hermann's tortoises for sale. They are 4 years of age and were hatchlings from Andrew Hermes ATC. I'm asking $1200 plus shipping. Local pick-up or shipping available (depending on weather conditions) I'm open to offers will not split. contact: [email protected] or txt 6263916356
  3. annette@easingpaw.com

    2 Western Hermann tortoises

    They are both sold
  4. annette@easingpaw.com

    2 Western Hermann Tortoise babies

    I'm selling 2 outdoor hatched Western Hermann tortoises. 4 months old. $185 each. Local pick up in Los Angeles. Can meet at the Pomona show on Sat. cash or paypal: [email protected] 3% fee added. contact: [email protected] Thanks for looking Annette
  5. annette@easingpaw.com

    Egyptian tortoise babies

    I'm selling 4 Egyptian tortoises from my breeding group, more eggs are incubating. They are 4 months old. The weather does not allow shipping at the moment will ship though in spring. Price is $650. I'm not interested in trade and price is firm. Local pick up in Los Angeles. Contact for info...
  6. annette@easingpaw.com

    Egyptian tortoise hatchling

    What a lovely pattern from one of my 4 hatchlings. He/she is 3 months old. It is always a joy to see them grow up with smooth carapace and healthy.
  7. annette@easingpaw.com

    2 male Pancake tortoises

    I'm selling two male Pancake tortoises. They are very personable and very active. I'm selling each for $400 plus shipping. Pick-up local in Los Angeles possible. contact: [email protected] txt: 626-391-6356
  8. annette@easingpaw.com

    2, 4.5 inch male pancake tortoises for sale

    Selling 2 male pancake tortoises. They are very active, eating mixed greens, Mazuri diet. 4.5 inch size. $400 each plus shipping. Take credit card over phone, paypal (email) or pick-up in Los Angeles possible. Please contact me at [email protected]
  9. annette@easingpaw.com

    New baby hatched

    Today, I could not be happier my first ever Egyptian tortoise baby hatched after 98 days, sooo tiny.
  10. annette@easingpaw.com

    Pancake tortoise pair for sale

    I'm offering an adult pancake tortoise pair that is healthy and active. They are 5.5 and 6 inch in size and are eating very well. I'm asking $750 shipped. Please email for any questions [email protected] Paypal or credit card over the phone.
  11. annette@easingpaw.com

    Egyptian tortoise eggs

    Hi everybody, I have not posted in a while. Now it is worth the post. One of my females laied for the first time 2 times 2 eggs. There might be more coming.
  12. annette@easingpaw.com

    2 Russian tortoises babies

    Hi all, I have 1, 11month old hatchling Russian tortoises and one 9month old Russian tortoise hatchling for sale. The bigger one is $175 (lower left corner), the smaller is $125. (upper right corner) plus shipping. contact: [email protected] . Pick up possible.
  13. annette@easingpaw.com

    3 Russian Tortoise babies

    Hi all, I have 2, 11month old hatchling Russian tortoises and one 9month old Russian tortoise hatchling for sale. The bigger 2 are $175, the smaller is $125. plus shipping. contact: [email protected] (upper corner to the right is sold)
  14. annette@easingpaw.com

    10 month old Russian hatchlings, 8 month Russian hatchling

    Hi all, I have 3, 10month old hatchling Russian tortoises and one 8 month old Russian tortoise hatchling for sale. the bigger 3 are $150, the smaller is $100. With the temps, pick up only in Pasadena, CA. Cash only. email for questions: [email protected]
  15. annette@easingpaw.com

    6 well started 2017 CB Russian tortoise babies for sale

    I'm selling 6 well started 2017 CB Russian tortoise babies for sale on greens, Mazuri diet, very active little fellows. They are born and raised in my home. Disease free, smooth shells. Russian babies are not very frequently offered, no multiple discount! Each $150 plus shipping. Pick up in Los...
  16. annette@easingpaw.com

    My girls are growing

    Love my girls.
  17. annette@easingpaw.com

    My beautiful quintet

    These Pyxis a.a are so easy to deal with and each of the 5 have their personality, lovely creatures.
  18. annette@easingpaw.com

    My new trio

    My little new trio is growing very well. It is important to soak them regularly to avoid pyramiding and kidney issues...
  19. annette@easingpaw.com

    Pyxis aa group

    Finally I had time to take this wonderful pic of my little lovely group of 5 (well 3 are visible). I just love the patterns, so beautiful
  20. annette@easingpaw.com

    2 little tiny additions

    My new additions are doing well. I'm always amazed how nature can make such beauty and so "ready to go"