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  1. tyler0912

    Naturally Planted Enclosures!! Post.

    So yes, i want a natural planted enclosure, i have seen peoples like TerryO's Theyre Stunning. Just Tietá is a bulldozer. haha So please can people post pictures of there natural enclosures on this thread? Photos... Im looking for ideas. I like the idea of my tortoises hiding in foliage...
  2. tyler0912

    Spocks New Enclosure!!

    Some Of You May Know I Recently Got A Syrian Hamster Male Named Spock. Ive Had Him For 14 Days. I Bought A Small Hamster Cage Everybody Buys On Purchase But On Further Research I Read When They Are Adults They Need 75x45x45cm. So On 11th January It Was My Birthday And I Had Some Money Left...
  3. tyler0912

    Meet Spock!

    So yeah i got a 8 week old male syrian hamster on thursday. I Love Him...He's Awesome super friendly he's settling in well. he cost me £60 to setup all together with essentials and treats etc... but i had some money left over from xmas. he is soo loving snuggling taking seeds out of your...
  4. tyler0912

    My Collection Of Creatures Expanded. Stick Nymphs.

    Purchased 10 indian stick insect nymphs off ebay for £3. 14 Arrived theyre soo small and cute munching, crawling and interacting. It's awesome. I still dont' understand how they dont get eaten theyre' rubbish at camouflaging. ? haha. Does anyone else have stick insects, i also bought a pop...
  5. tyler0912

    Redfoot destruction help!

    I would love to have pansies,petunias etc...grass in my enclosures but my tortoises are very destructive is there anything i can do? I'd love lavender etc...and a natural home but....Help any advice? :)
  6. tyler0912

    Only, Me , Tiago & Tietá, Slight update. Pics!

    Soo, Not put a post about my torts in a while so here are some pictures of them, Pretty bad quality as my camera phone is awful! :O Start with the enclosure, This is the side that holds all the humidity, 6'' of coir, a hide and 2 bricks as a seperator. I also have cuttlefish on this side...
  7. tyler0912

    I know people struggle getting hold of Optunia Cactus In UK...NO LONGER

    It is grown for tortoise and iguana food. I could never find it in the uk but...I HAVE NOW http://www.glenhirstcactiandpalms.co.uk/tortoise.html Order Online^^ Just need mazuri in UK now.
  8. tyler0912

    Sorry To Be Crude...But Groans?

    Do males only 'groan' if there actualy doing the job of mating? Or do they groan as soon as ontop of the female, (She sits there looking depressed..''Not again'') Is he doing the job right if he grunts he is very loud, or is this just what they do as soon as they get on the female? Thankyou"!
  9. tyler0912

    Tiago and Tietá breeding! Need Help. Incubator setups?

    Well Tiago and Tietá have been mating everyday for the last 14 days or so...well that's what ive noticed. Tiago is soo loud, with his mouth open he sounds like a liccle' pig ;-) I just want to know... Redfoot breeders, what incubators do you use? What temperatures for hatching...
  10. tyler0912

    Big Momma Name Changes.

    Yes, Soo Big Momma Seems Abit Common And Boring I Would Like To Give Her a Name From Her HomeTown Like ''Tiago'' So from Here On Out She Will Be Known As..... Tietá ((Tee-et-A))
  11. tyler0912

    Snapperfest Petition!

    First Thread in a while... SNAPPERFEST PETITION PLEASE SIGN! IT has not been going long and it already has nearly 6,000 members i have signed as tyler,tiago,big momma.... Ive posted it on the tortoise facebook please pass this round and sign...
  12. tyler0912

    Help this poor guy!

    Please someone save him. The seller only wants the mon3ey he made that clear as a facebook friend told me she got intouch! He needs a way out...Please? http://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/105633837/sulcata-tortoise.html
  13. tyler0912

    Wild-Caught Palmate...:ROLLEYES:

    Well all 30 off my tads died overnight ...not sure how or why but they did? I was going to get more eggs but i felt bad so left them. My Grandma rang me she found 2 Palmate newts...( I think ) One Male and one Female i think. One is a blonde colour so i named ''tange'' and one is green and...
  14. tyler0912

    Tadpole excitement...again...im going to be a father...again....pictures...again

    4 Days ago i took a 7cm strand of toad (bufo bufo) eggs from a clutch of about 500 i had as there was overcrowding and water started to smell....they was in an hourglass shape when collected 4 days ago...(picture below) ^^That was them...i put them in a smaller container with shallow water...
  15. tyler0912

    Bufo Bufo egg help please...I need you!

    Well as many off you may know, i acquired some common toad eggs-(Bufo Bufo) from my local reservoir! I was there the day they was laid as i went the day before...empty...i went the next day and tons off eggs :) I also let a common toad go when acquiring these eggs to make space. So the eggs...
  16. tyler0912

    My common toad eggs :) HELP!

    I have some common toad eggs, incubating(?) in my bedroom as i was told they hatch faster warmer so theyre indoors... I had common FROG tadpole before and everyone lived...i has like 25 or so, i was about 10 then im sure i can do it now! :) I know the ''put them back where you got them'' etc...
  17. tyler0912

    Please Help!! :(

    Before Xmas i purchased a waterfall....It is one of these... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Exo-Terra-Reptile-Terrarium-Waterfall/dp/B000HHSNAK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1329511574&sr=8-1 And when i put it in , Big momma tipped herself is there anyway i can prevent this? I really want to use it as it...
  18. tyler0912

    Taken Some pictures today, Quite impressed with some of them,others bad quality.*PICS! & ALOT O' THE

    Here are a few pictures I taken today (Fruitylicious) as it was fruit day and besides protein day, this is there favourite time of the week. They are great eaters together,get along great no fighting for food...atall. Hope you enjoy them!! The Fruitylicious Piccies! hmh......Whats that...
  19. tyler0912

    RIP Whitney Houston. :(

    She was an inspiration to me, Many people think it is her own fault inwich she died........due to drugs as people state....the reason of death is yet to be released... I know i dont know her personally ( I had her on speed dial though ;) ) I felt like i did, i loved all of her music, she was a...
  20. tyler0912

    Tiago and Big momma Update, Been a while...Pics!!! Really long!

    Well i have not been on TFO for a while due to family problems...So i think a slight update on the 'kids' is due! :) Tiago! He Lost 25g a couple weeks back and i think i over exagerated and got really worried about it! But i weighed him yesterday (2 weeks prior) and he has put over 100g...