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  1. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Gender Reveal

    “Her” name is Karla but I think it may have to be changed to Karl [emoji51]What do you think?
  2. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    How much are 100+Lbs Sulcata

    Hi, I have a friend who is looking to sell her over 100Lbs female Sulcata but she doesn’t have a clue how much they’re going for, we live in Louisiana if that makes a difference.
  3. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Russian Tortoise needs new home

    Hello, I have a 5 year old Russian Tortoise who needs a new home. I’ve never shopped and I honestly don’t want to start now, I live fairly far from all available airport. I live in Mandeville Louisiana which is about a 50 minute drive from New Orleans or Baton Rouge. Please text me between the...
  4. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Tbt...Posted on FB 3 years ago

    They're sooooooooo much bigger, they are literally twice as big as they are in the pictures.
  5. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Update for->INJURED BOX TURTLE...please help

    The vet that might have been able to save his little foot was not available yesterday, today and tomorrow I HAVE to go to work so it won't be until Thursday that I'll be able to try again if I can get someone to see her but I'm afraid her foot is unsalvageable, I cleaned with warm water...
  6. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Tort table for sale in Mandeville Louisiana

    The hideout is removable, I use to put substrate on the top also as an additional area for my tort to hang out, the square with the ramp to the right of the photo is where I use to plant his eatable plants, the lamp hood on top is included. $175.00 OBO
  7. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    INJURED BOX TURTLE...please help.

    Hi, about an hour ago my husband and I found a box turtle that had been obviously hit by a car, his right back foot is practically demolished, my local vet is closed so I appointed myself as his nurse (I happen to work in the human medical field) anyway, I came home and soaked him in warm water...
  8. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Lost / Stolen tortoise in Austin Texas

    Hi everybody, this was posted on Facebook today...hope someone can help.
  9. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Box turtle laid at least 2 eggs but...

    She won't bury them, I buried the first one should I bury the second one or leave it alone?
  10. TheTortoiseWhisperer


    Ok.....I finally got my dream tort hatchling, a cute leopard tortoise I named Miss. Josie, I've read everything I can possibly read and I thought I was doing good until I read this posted by ShellyTurtleTort "Hello all, I recently rescued a Sulcata baby from a family that knew absolutely...
  11. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    HOLY BIG BIRD (literally) I want to unsee what I just saw

    I was looking out my back window at my big male sulcata Carlos and I thought to my self "What in the heck is that big boy dragging around???" so I went outside to get a closer look, when I saw him I'm telling you his eyes were all scary looking, he almost looked possessed, when I looked behind...
  12. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    I need a shopping list from the pros PLEASE!!!

    I finally got a baby Leopard tortoise and I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!! I currently have him/her in a temporary enclosure, I've been snooping around some of y'alls pictures of beautiful creative enclosures, I loved almost all of them but I finally picked one that I like and of course my awesome...
  13. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    True tortoise friends…awesome video

    I don't know if this is going to work because I copied and pasted from my facebook, I really hope you all can see it because it's evidence that Tortoises are a lot smarter than what people give them credit for…..They're also as amazing and sweet as most of us here already know them to be, but...
  14. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Why aren't they eating

    Hello everyoneeeee!!!! All three of my sulcatas have gone from eating like pigs to not leaving their pen for nothing in the world, NOT EVEN TO EAT and they're starting to worry me, I even put their food closer to their doors so that they can just eat and go back into their nice warm and cozy...
  15. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Do they always hibernate?

    Why aren't any of my box turtles hibernating. I live in Louisiana so it's not extremely cold yet but it's cold enough for them to start doing what they do isn't it? Should I take them inside every night since they're not protecting themselves from the cold?
  16. TheTortoiseWhisperer


    My dream come true torts to have are a Chaco or a Leopard, to have them both would be way beyond a dream come true.
  17. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    HOLY BIG BIRD, I think this can happen to me

    I came across this ---> http://m.nbcchicago.com/nbcchicago/pm_107717/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=97k4iQmH&rwthr=0 and I thought oh, oh what if this is happening to me?? But then I thought about all you guys so I figured I wouldn't be alone so, I'M. OK NOW!!! Lol lol
  18. TheTortoiseWhisperer


    I absolutely love and cherish my torts and turts, I even have one that is not mine who I can stare at for hours while he's zooming around in my back yard but my herd doesn't feel complete.....I believe from the very bottom of my soul that I was meant to have a Leopard tortoise. Lol :)
  19. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Just theoretically dreaming...

    I know the subject on hybrids is as controversial as same sex marriages but I was wondering what hybrid do you all think would be an interesting mix??? I personally think I would theoretically love to see a 1/2 Chaco 1/2 leopard hybrid. PS: I personally thinks its best to avoid hybrids so its...
  20. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    I thought there was no way 2 males could be in the same enclosure

    I met a gentleman yesterday who swears his two adult male sulcatas get along just fine in the same enclosure with one female and the enclosure is only 1/4 of an acre......First of all I thought that was impossible since sulcatas males are territorial plus to have just one female for both of them...