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    What to add?

    Below is my enclosure (lined with a shower liner/curtain) So I think my female russian is bored because she tries to climb the corners. A little while ago she actually flipped on her back by trying this. What can I do/add to keep her mind off trying to climb the corners? Thanks! (sorry if this...
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    New pics!

    Here are some new pics of my female russian! 3 photos in link
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    Dry Shell? Flaking Scute?

    My russian tortoises shell looks really dry and the 2 upper middle scutes look like they are gonna flake off. Its kind of hard to see because i have a crappy camera phone. But the 2 upper middle scutes look like theres a little space between the bottom of them and the carapace. Does this look...
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    Always trying to escape?

    I have my female Russian in a plastic under-the-bed storage bin (obviously its not under the bed now that shes in it. And she is constantly trying to climb the sides. The container is that white-seethroughish material that storage bins are sometimes made of. I understand they don't understand...
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    Spring Mix?

    So I've heard Spring Mix is a good choice to feed tortoises. I have a Russian Tortoise and I just wanted to ask if the ingredients in the mix i picked up is okay to eat because i have seen spring mixes with different stuff. So is the following good to eat and a good variety for my Russian...
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    Enclosure Liner?

    So I read people saying to use a shower curtain or something of the like to line their indoor enclosures. I have 2 questions. 1) what is the liner for? 2) do you nail/staple the liner in or just place it?
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    Building Help?

    I'm not much of a builder but I'm looking to build my Russian a permanent indoor enclosure. I was wondering if one of the nice people of the community could help me out? Could someone draw me up some plans for a 5'x3' wooden enclosure? And it would really be helpful if you included a list of...
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    Does this look bad?

    I noticed this white/cream colored spot while bathing my female russian just now on her upper central scute. Does it look like shell rot or anything harmful? What should I do?
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    Enclosure Size?

    So I've heard a lot of different answers and am sort of confused. I have a relatively young Female Russian who is still growing. She is kept indoors, with outdoor supervised time. I want to build her an enclosure that she will have for LONG time, but I'm curious what the minimum dimensions for...
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    flakey neck?

    My female russian seems to have flakey skin around her neck. Is this normal? How can it be treated?
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    How active are females?

    My Female Russian whom I've had for about a week and a half doesn't seem THAT active. She is kept indoors. I read that Russians are usually quite active but she doesn't seem it. She eats PLENTY and has regular looking bowel movements. But usually when there's no food around she doesn't explore...
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    Outdoor time! [Pic Heavy]

    Here is my Female Russian Sheldon (I named her before I knew her sex) enjoying some outdoor time!
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    Calcium Powder

    Would it be okay if I took the Reptile calcium powder and mixed it with water in a spray bottle then sprayed my Russian's food instead of sprinkling the powder on? The powder tends to cling to my tort and makes a bit of a mess. If so how much water to powder ratio should i mix?
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    Plant ID Help?

    I need help ID'ing these two plants, also are they edible/good for tortoises? I live near Boston, MA if that helps They are both around my house.
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    Male or Female?

    Hey guys here are 2 pics of my recently bought and first tortoise. Its carapace is roughly 4.5 inches long. After some studying on tortoise anatomy I'm thinking its a female but would like the "experts" opinion :D Thanks!
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    Signature Numbers?

    I'm just curious what everyones numbers in their forum signature mean? things like 1.0.0 and then their tortoise name?
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    Is my tort okay?

    I have a Russian tort whom I've had for almost a week now. It stays in a good size enclosure in my room. My room usually has an A/C on at 65-70 but I have heat lights for the enclosure. The enclosure temps range from 95-100 (basking area) to 70 at the other end. (Temps are in Fahrenheit) The...
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    Dried Out Substrate???

    I'm a recent tortoise owner (3days, Russian) the substrate I'm using is After just 3 days of having the substrate in the enclosure its lightened in color substantially and I was curious if it was getting too dried out? Here is a picture showing the old substrate and some...
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    With or Without D3?

    So I just got my first tortoise the other day (Russian) and he will be kept indoors except wen i can get him outside supervised. I was wondering which calcium supplements I would need for him, With or Without D3? Also how much to give him, just sprinkle on his food daily? Here are the lights...
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    Which Tortoise For Me?

    Hello all this is my first post. My name is Phil. I live just north of boston, massachusetts and am looking for a good first tortoise. I hear a lot of good about Russian tortoises but I have a few concerns I'd like answers to. I will be keeping it indoors in my room, but will allow supervised...