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    Our latest addition

    I have long been wanting to add another species to our collection. And about a month ago I won a little babcocki at an auction for USARK. Well, I went to the NARBC show in Chicago last weekend, and bought three more. I am still working on perfecting their enclosure, but here is a quick shot...
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    It's been a while

    I haven't been very active here at all lately, due to numerous reasons (mostly building a 2,000 sq. ft. building for the snake business), but also just trying to keep up with all of the baby snakes. As a result, I haven't made near the progress on my pen that I would have liked to in the past...
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    Thalia dealbata

    I have one more. Thalia dealbata. I have these growing (I planted them) in my goldfish pond, and every year when I clean my pond I trim my Thalia in half (they grow like crazy). I have taken the trimmings and thrown them by my bass pond. They grow nuts there too, and are tolerant to our...
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    Mimosa Tree

    Can anybody tell me if Mimosa Trees are toxic or safe for torts. I am thinking about planting one in my tort pen. Thanks in advance for your responses.
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    New Redfoot. Meet Max

    It's been a while since I made it over here. Snakes are hatching, and they are keeping me extremely busy. We have hatched over 400 snakes in the last 2 months. I did make it to Daytona this year, and picked up this new guy. This is Max, our new Columbian Clown Faced Redfoot. So far Max is...
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    Aldabra Pen latest Update

    I haven't been on in a while, because snake egg season is in full swing, and it is eating my time up. But, I still have to find time to take care of my four legged reptiles. I have done some more work to my pen since my last post, and I thought I would show some of the work here. First up...
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    Aldabra Hugging Thread

    I didn't want to clutter up Charlie's thread, so here is my pic hugging my Aldabras. It was getting very abnormally cold for our part of the country, and I was moving the torts into the snake room for the evening. I figured it was a great time to have the wife catch a shot. I hope you...
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    Aldabra Pen Progress!

    I know I don't come on often, but I did write about building a bigger pen for our Aldabras that I hoped would be ready by Spring. I have been working on it for 2 weekends now, and here are the progress photos. The pen will be 16 feet x 16 feet. It will have 2 foot of chainlink fence...
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    They finally got here!

    A friend of mine and I started talking about getting some Aldabras on a trip home from a reptile show in December of last year. We decided to make some calls and get some. Well after almost 7 months, they finally got here. The Icelandic volcano caused 2 delays in shipping from the Seychelles...
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    Tim is new here!

    I just posted a minute ago on another thread, and realized that I never came and introduced myself. My name is Tim Bailey, and I live in South Louisiana (near New Orleans). I have had numerous reptiles and other critters since I was a child including; snakes, iguanas, red ears, eastern box...