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    Neo's learnt his name!

    I'm chuffed to bits! Neo was wondering around the living room while I got his soaking tub ready after he'd spent an hour under a UV light, and he started heading into the kitchen. But noo! The kitchen is COLD!! I had my hands full in the moment so I couldn't run and grab him, so in desperation...
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    Trying to beat the English weather!

    Hi all! When I got my sully Neo, a heat wave had just started here in England, and it's lasted a good three weeks or so, leading to one happy tortoise living outside! He's had the greenhouse to himself, with the door and window wide open, regular hosings down and lots of supervised romping on...
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    Am I doing this right?!

    Hi guys! I've had my sulcata Neo for 4 days now. He's around 18 months old, 5.5in and 500g, with some slight pyramiding. I posted all about his temporary housing and the plans for his permenent housing over in the introductions section. Anyway, when I woke up this morning to say hello to Neo...
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    Hi! Just got my first Tortoise!

    Hello everybody! I'm Tash, from the UK, and I'm so excited to be here! I work for a mobile zoo and being there has really gotten me into keeping a lot of exotic animals, but I'll stick to the tortoise side of it! At work I look after 2 hermanns, 2 horsefields, 2 greeks, and one rather large...