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    Is Zoo Med tortoise food bad for tortoise?

    I just saw this picture in a Facebook tortoise group. Anyone knows if it is true? thanks!
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    tortoise medical insurance

    Are there any recommended tortoise medical insurance? Or you just pay out of pocket? I got an old tortoise (believed 40-50 years old) and it may need to go to vet regularly. Just want to know how we usually do the medical stuff for the tortoise
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    Will ants be harmful to tortoise?

    I saw several ants in the tortoise outdoor enclosure. Some of them are even in the tortoise shell and legs. Will that be harmful to tortoise? Should I use some ants killer liquid to kill the ants?
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    What is the usually size of a mature adult Russian?

    Male 5.5+ inches and female 6+ inches?
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    Why the phosphorus and protein are not good for tortoise

    I read many articles which says tortoise needs low protein food. Also the calcium to phosphorus ratio should be high. But I am not able to find any explanation. Maybe this is some common knowledge to tortoise keeper so it doesn’t need to explain. But I am still curious what’s wrong with the...
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    is this really a Russian Tortoise?

    is this really a Russian Tortoise? Someone told me this is a Russian tortoise but I feel it is more like a Greek or Hermann. He told me it is about 9 inches a female. I don’t think a Russian can grow to this size even if it is a female
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    Do I need to move my tortoise inside during the wildfires season?

    Currently as many of you know, there are a lot of wildfires in California. In my house, there is no obvious fires or smoke, but the air is very smelly. Air pollution should be very serious. Is it harmful to tortoise? Should I move them from outdoor enclosure to indoor enclosure?
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    Free male Russian tortoise

    Post for my brother since he doesn't have an account. My brother is in Seattle. He adpoted a male Russian tortoise which was told as female by the tortoise previous owner. I talked to him just now and he needs to rehome it again since he already has a male and he cannot make another enclosure...
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    Is there any verified spider tortoise breeder list to sell the spider tortoise?

    I do want to buy one. I asked in some Facebook group and there are many people PMs me. But I don’t know if they are scam or not. I am not sure if our forum has such information or not since I trust our forum
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    Closed Chamber and high humidity way to raise the tortoise

    I carefully read the care sheet in this forum. It looks like our forum suggests to raise the tortoise in a closed Chamber to maintain high humidity to prevent the tortoise to be pyramid in shell my question is how long I should do this. Until the tortoise reaches 6 inches? 9 inches? Or I should...
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    Is this shell saver useful Is it useful? I really don't like some online tortoise pics that the shell of the tortoise looks just coming out of an ash pile or mud. Thanks
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    Tortoise food

    Mazuri is better or Zoo Med is better? Mazuri looks having a very higher protein percentage. And Zoo med has higher fiber percentage and lower protein percentage I heard tortoise needs to be fed in low protein and high fiber?
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    Anyone use this app for tortoise food? Is it correct?

    I downloaded an app in iOS App Store. It tells us if a weed or an vegetable is safe to feed tortoise. Anyone also uses it? Is the information correct
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    Anyone sells the burmese star tortoise

    I am new to this forum since I heard there are breeders selling tortoise here. Not sure if anyone sells burmese star tortoise here. I'd like a tortoise hatched in the male temperature. Thanks a lot