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    Is my Emi gone ?

    So very sorry. RIP Emi. Bless her.
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    Very disappointed in this forum

    I am always happy to help you as I have Mediterranean torts like the Russian.
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    Lesbian tortoises? Female mounted other female with grunting

    Yes my female Herman’s used to mount and groan on each other. It’s a dominance thing and also means they want to mate. So when I got a male tort, they quietened down immediately. It’s bliss now!
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    Sudden russian tort death

    I am so very sorry for your loss. So sad for you.
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    Keeping beak short.

    Yes she is very rough. I take mine to my exotic vets who trim it beautifully with an electric trimmer which takes seconds and no harm or pain to the tort. Using an old emery board like she is is not on.
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    My baby Leopard Tortoise is very sick and I don't know what it is!

    Please listen to the advice given by Tom and Lyn W. All animals get sick at some time. That is what vets are for . So if you say you can’t afford the vet fees can’t you get insurance? It is Very irresponsible of you to take on animals which you obviously can’t look after properly. And...
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    Penis flashing?

    Yes it is his penis but just the end of it. When u see it it has like a mini plunger on the end of it. Mine gets his out when he’s near my two females. Perfectly ok. As long as the neighbours aren’t watching ....
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    My tortoise isn't eating/moving

    Please take him into the vets ASAP. He is probably Severely dehydrated as well as malnourished. Soak him as often as you can. And try to hand feed him . Just gently open his mouth and place very small little bits of food into it . I do it all the time if my torts are not eating. Why have...
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    Sully passed

    So sorry for your loss . I rescued all of my tortoises through my local vets who knew people who didn’t want them anymore . So this way you know you will be getting healthy tortoise rather than buying them from a store.
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    How old is my baby

    So cute! Good luck with him.
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    Is my tortoise blind?

    How is she now Erin? Where are you based in the UK?
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    Is my tortoise blind?

    Hello I am in the UK in London . You really should have woken up your tortoise yourself between February and March at the latest and bathe her a lot . She probably has Eye damage now because she’s been hibernating for too long and very dehydrated. I suggest you get yourself some pet insurance...
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    Need help with my baby (soft shell)

    I really think your little tortoise need some strong UV lighting . Without this the shell and the bones become very soft and He is more likely to get metabolic bone disease. He may already have this .Plenty of heat and weeds like dandelions,clover,plantain will all .help. Good luck and keep...
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    What DOES your tortoise do all day?!

    Well mine does his knitting and a crossword puzzle and write letters to his family back in Africa !!
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    Bubbly nose

    Re tortilla the tortoise. The advice given by Zovick was Spot On. I’m really pleased that your tortoise is improving. But if he does deteriorate then please don’t hesitate and get him straight to a vet. He really won’t live long otherwise . I also have many years experience of tortoises...
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    Bubbly nose

    I have had tortoises for many years And I know that when they bubble at the nose and have breathing difficulties it means They have an upper respiratory tract infection . Please get your tortoise to a vets ASAP. He will need antibiotic injections . Unless treated quickly he will deteriorate...