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    Chicago Reptile Show

    Has anybody been to this event before? It's hosted by an organization called Cold Blooded Expos. It's coming up on Sunday, August 25th. I bought a ticket 2 weeks ago but never received my ticket, and after contacting them I never even heard back. Is this a reputable event/organization?
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    Hello There!

    Hi all! I'm new to this forum. I've spent the last year or so heavily researching Mediterranean tortoises and I've decided I would like one as a lifelong friend by my side. I have never owned any pets before, but I am confident and dead set on a Hermann's Tortoise (preferably Western, but would...
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    Adult Russian Tortoise Chicago Area (Naperville)

    This is off topic and I'm new to this forum, but does Windy City Reptiles still exist? Every link I go to is broken when I google that name, there doesn't seem to be a website or Facebook page up or anything. I would just like to know because I am in the market for a tortoise in the Chicagoland...