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    Denver, Colorado 2 greeks for adoption

    It seems like forever since I've been on here . . . it's nice to see some familiar names! My youngest is heading off to college and unfortunately will only be able to take one tort with her to the dorms. The sad part is that we will have to adopt out her two other tortoises. They are a male...
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    What gender is our greek tort?

    Can you guys take a look and let us know the sex of our greeks? We got these two 'males' from Danny, several years ago, but one seems to look like a female now! But what do we know! Appreciate the help :3 This is Pip, the one we think is a girl. This is Oliver (left) and Pip...
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    Our new outdoor enclosure

    Finally finished our outdoor summer tort house for Bowzer and the boys. It's about 10 ft x 10 ft and I made it out of mostly recycled materials (old arbor for the door, old chickenwire and cinder blocks). The torts seem to enjoy it! Donna
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    Putting ointment in Bowzer's eye

    Hi all, I need some suggestions for putting eye ointment in Bowzer's eye. Drops would be easier, but this is the terramycin (sp?) ointment. I thought we could entice him out of his shell with food and then quickly swipe a finger near his eye. I had no idea it would be so challenging! Too...
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    Update on our two new greeks

    Finally getting around to an update and pictures of the two greeks we got from Danny last august. This is what we saw when we took Pip out of his shipping box! Hey, let me out! Here is Pip (left) and Oliver doing their first bask in Colorado. Pip was 2" long and weighed 48.2g. Ollie...
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    Pictures of plastron ridges on our greek

    Here's a couple pictures showing the ridges on Pip's plastron. Is this normal or do we need to be worried? He's one of the turkish greeks that we got from Danny last august. The one other has some ridges, too, but not as noticeable. Thoughts? Suggestions? Donna
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    Raised ridge on greek plastron

    One of our turkish greek males has a raised ridge on his plastron. It's the center line that runs from head to tail. The plastron of our other greek, same age and a male also, is smooth. I'm worried. Is this OK? They both seem to be very healthy in all their habits, including eating like...
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    Update on Rex and thanks to Yvonne

    Back in November, my daughter's friend called us late one night to say that their family dog had gotten into her room, knocked over her RES tank and chewed up Rex pretty bad. At the time, I recalled a recent post of Yvonne's about caring for an injured RES, so I logged on here and looked it up...
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    Got the calendars, any news on the tshirts?

    I did receive the tortoise calendars last week. Has anyone received their tshirt orders yet? Christmas isn't over yet . . . :) Thanks! Donna
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    Clematis plants safe for greeks?

    Are clematis leaves and flowers safe for greek torts to eat? Thanks much! Donna
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    Young tortoises and outside time

    I am working on plans for building a new outdoor enclosure and wondered at what age can our young tortoises start spending the days in outside enclosures? Hatchlings? A year old? Older? Thanks much! Donna
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    Pictures of my dark Greek

    Here's some pictures of Bowzer. Can you tell what kind of Greek he is and if he is overly dark?
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    Tortoise getting darker?

    Our greek tortoise, Bowzer, has become very dark on his head and legs over the last couple of months. During that time, I also noticed that he was having problems with crusty eyes. I decided to check his bulbs, which we had recently changed out. We had replaced one of the uvb bulbs with a...
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    Hello all from Colorado

    Hello all, I've been reading this forum since January and became a member last spring. Thought it was time to introduce myself and our torts. We have a male greek tortoise named Bowzer. We got him a couple of years ago from Petco, so I don't know how old he is. He's been a great tortoise...