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  1. Jacqui

    Chat thread 5.21

    Decided the old chat thread was way too long, so here goes the third edition of the pretend chat thread. The thread for years dedicated to fun and unimportant stuff.
  2. Jacqui

    Maggie, is it your birthday?

    If it is.... Happy birthday to a wonderful and crazy lady!
  3. Jacqui

    Happy Mother's Day!

    For all the Mothers be it two legged, four, three or legless that they nurture or be they male.. May your day be special.
  4. Jacqui

    Monday's Totality!

    Is anybody else getting really excited about it, besides me?
  5. Jacqui

    Who has a Kroger's near them?

    They have a Christmas light decoration for the yard that is a tortoise carrying packages on it's back. No Kroger near me though. :(
  6. Jacqui

    Pumpkin spice cake...

    Does anybody have a good recipe for one? Want to make cupcakes.
  7. Jacqui

    Happy birthday David (dmmj)

    Yvonne and the rest will be by shortly with pretty posts, but this plain and simple "Happy Birthday" comes with just as much good wishes. Have an awesome day.
  8. Jacqui

    I heard a rumor,

    that it is Mike's birthday.
  9. Jacqui

    JD any Easter tortoises hatching out?

    .....just wondering....
  10. Jacqui

    New Year's Resolutions

    Do you make any? How long do they last? Care to share any with us?
  11. Jacqui

    Our Secret Santa Superwonderful Gifts

    Please post pictures and comments about your gifts in this thread.
  12. Jacqui

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'll leave the adorable pictures to Yvonne, but wanted to wish you all a wonderful day and may your lives be filled with things you are thankful for.
  13. Jacqui

    Remember your clocks...

    Remember time on clocks are set back in the early hours of Sunday, so you may want to change them tonight. For example 8 pm will become 7 pm.
  14. Jacqui

    Secret Santa anyone? ☃ ☃ ☃

    In some years we have a Secret Santa. Do we have interest in doing one this year?
  15. Jacqui

    Sick hermanns hatchling (Susan)

    Susan, see if this helps. Please give us all information on him.. How long you had them, details on enclosure setup, and Vet comments/treatment.
  16. Jacqui

    Have you saw the WalMart ad?

    As a rule, I never get to watch TV, but the sports bar I sometimes go to in Wednesday for their awesome hamburger special has a bunch of TVs on. One was showing a cute ad for WalMart. It starts with kids riding their little bikes/three wheeler. In the back of one wheeler is a little box turtle...
  17. Jacqui

    Another day, another egg.

    Went to turn on the light over the erosa to check on them and spotted a nice large oblong egg beside one. :) Best part is there may be more under the behind of that erosa. Looks like she has a shallow nest right behind her. :)
  18. Jacqui

    Mushrooms... or not....

    This morning, when I was at the local WalMart, I picked up some mushrooms for the tortoises. Normally, I get big ones, but today all they had were the small white ones about quarter size. When I feed mushrooms, I just toss them all around the enclosure so they have to "hunt" for them. I was...
  19. Jacqui

    Sometimes you have to take a lot of steps backwards....

    I have been seriously working (in between other projects) to create a new enclosure for my sulcatas in an old horse lot. When I started, the weeds were taller then me and trees and bushes had taken over, too. Some were (hidden well) I have pictures of what I started with. Last Sept I was to...
  20. Jacqui

    lepardboy_1 animal offers

    Please be advised, if this person contacts you in regards to selling you a tortoise you are seeking, he is currently under review. Please do not send him any payments until all issues have been cleared up. Thanks, TFO staff