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  1. Jacqui

    New red foot owner

    Pretty one though
  2. Jacqui


    Hot sunlight, no. Outside yes, but qualified with a proper enclosure.
  3. Jacqui

    Hi from Louisiana

    Hi! Glad you are here.
  4. Jacqui

    New red foot owner

    Hi and welcome! Looks a bit young to tell gender
  5. Jacqui

    Chat thread 5.21

    *peaks around the room*
  6. Jacqui

    My new Russian tortoise

  7. Jacqui

    Hello TF!

    Glad you are here!
  8. Jacqui

    Oregon Greetings c:

    Hello! *waves* what is your dream job?
  9. Jacqui

    Today is "A."s Birthday!!

    Have yourself a special day.
  10. Jacqui

    Tortoise pooped small rock during soak

    In the blurry picture and on my phone, it almost looks more like a urate. You couldn't smush the "rock"?
  11. Jacqui

    I have some questions

    Chopper certainly looks big enough to live outside in a safe enclosure during warm weather. Is that aquarium the current home? P.S. welcome!
  12. Jacqui

    Weed Identification

    Cat like huh? *squirts him with a water bottle*
  13. Jacqui

    Tortoise pooped small rock during soak

    If it were mine, I'd just keep watching like you have been, but not be going into a panic.
  14. Jacqui

    Weed Identification

    Dang ya beat me!
  15. Jacqui

    Tortoise pooped small rock during soak

    You are sure it's a rock? Otherwise acting and eating normal? I was given a sulcata who for months would every so often pass rocks and what appeared to be asphalt, but never noticed the urine being different.
  16. Jacqui

    Chat thread 5.21

    It's so hot poor Rocco can't even hold his head up. Rocco was Jeff's truckdog. The boards are off my old front yard bench and we are replacing them.
  17. Jacqui

    Chat thread 5.21

    Hot hot hot! Did I say it's hot? I don't do hot well. Thank goodness for that occasional cooling breeze. It's making me consider re-purposing the new large children's wading pool into my own cooling off zone. Lol
  18. Jacqui

    Happy Birthday, Fredkas!

    Happy happy birthday
  19. Jacqui

    Close call

    Your story is so much better then mine, when I got a slight scare coming around the tree in the path. Spotted a snake slithering across just infront of me... and mine wasn't a serious snake like yours.
  20. Jacqui

    Tonka’s Tortoise Taj Mahal completed!

    A seating area is always a must have!