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  1. tortadise


    Chunkers! the freeze this past February in Texas slowed the growth of our cactus grove. But none the less they still consume hundreds of pounds of it a week.
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    Chico Chaco

    Most definitely one of the greatest species to work with. So gregarious and friendly.
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    So far so good on these guys. Sure are a challenging species. Lots of growth and eating greens now. Haven’t tried mushrooms. Made the myth go away about the only eat mushrooms. Sometimes keeping what works simple is the best method. such an odd species. Interesting to work with.
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    Ground Hatchers

    Always fun seeing little guys in the enclosure. This one was in the Suriname pen. Great growth in it.
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    Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot

    Had some baby Blue Front Amazons hatch. We pulled them about 3 weeks ago from the nest box to start hand feeding them. They grow so fast. This is a true Bolivian chaco blue front. Fantastic hook bills. Amazona Aestiva Xanthroptrix
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    Almost of the most exciting and rare hatchling turtle ever!

    was sent a pic of the heosemys depressa feeding pile by an employee this morning. Couldn’t quite tell what the little guy was that emerged from the soil. After this year infertile depressa eggs from another pair. I surely almost had it. Unfortunately this pen was used by some adult elongated...
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    Hispaniola Amazon

    Shot in the dark. But lots of avian hobbyist are also chelonian hobbyists. We’re looking for any keepers of Hispaniola Amazons (Amazona Ventralis) to do cooperative breeding loan for this rare species. Can email me through our website
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    Thanksgiving meal avian edition

    The recent additions to the park also received a thanksgiving meal. We utilized the 3 sister crops of North American history Miaze(corn), beans, and squash(in this case pumpkin which is a squash) we made tamales for the birds. Fred enjoying his tamale And just like me later that evening...
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    Thanksgiving Meal

    All the critters got a thanksgiving meal at the park. Fairytale pumpkin and cactus.
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    just basking as usual! All the podocnemis take basking seriously!
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    The Zoo Grows Down South

    long(very long story actually) story short we have added over 80 new animals to the wildlife park. Most are rather rare birds. To say the least our whole team is beyond exhausted. Just a few pics of some of them. Kings parrot Congo African grey Chaco blue front amazons and a pair of...
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    The park grows with new animals! We have also added quite a few more birds. Hugo is a cuviers caiman.
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    Some more ground hatched tortoises

    Another clutch of leopards. Laid October 2016 and emerged August 2017. 100% hatch on this clutch. 10 little guys. Been a good ground hatch test year. 16 redfoots so far, and 19 leopards. 3 more clutches of leopards to go.
  14. tortadise

    Annam Leaf Turtle Hatchling

    Found a pretty cool baby today. This little guy was in the pond today which use to house the Vietnamese pond turtles. Now it houses Malaysian leaf turtles. I moved the adult Vietnamese ponds into a bigger one. Hoping to find more, nice to see these hatching from the climate outside down in south...
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    Ground Hatched

    Few different localities here. Guyana, and Venezuelan. Guyana are the red and weird yellow ones in the middle. Bolivian hatchling
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    Ground Hatchers

    The title speaks for itself.
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    Need some forum members help living in Egypt

    We were contacted by a keeper of an egyptian tortoise. We need to help her place this animal in the right home. Shes had it for 25 years. Please if any forum members living in egypt could either PM me here or email at [email protected] Thanks kelly
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    Spruced Enclsoure

    added some arid substrate(decomposed granite, with some caliche flex base powder) Churned with peat moss and mulch. Something about adding anything new to an enclosure and the tortoises have map the whole thing. And of course it's already in the water bowl.
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    Batagur Charlie

    charlie is such a sweet turtle. He's always curious with me when I do water changes in his pond. The others in with him don't care about anything but food.
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    New Region of redfoot we hatched

    have hatched quite a few redfoots over the years. Finally about 1 year ago found a female Bolivian tonpair with my male. She was sold as proven. Her size was around egg laying size. Well she laid 2 eggs in December. The 1st egg hatched a few days ago. The 2nd is still incubating. More clutches...