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  1. steadytortoise

    Bubbles coming from hatchling’s nose

    I picked up my 7 month old Leopard Tortoise 6 days ago and have him in a closed chamber with 80% humidity and 80 degrees ambient temperature. His substrate is a layer of coconut coir topped with orchid bark. He has a shallow water dish he stomps through regularly, he is eating well. I take him...
  2. steadytortoise

    Who wants to play guess this tortoise’s age...hatchling edition?!? 😀

    Hello everyone. I am so very pleased to introduce my newest...a baby Leopard tortoise. Thanks to information I have learned from you, he is in a closed chamber and I follow the 80 degrees, 80 % humidity recommendations. The previous care giver said he was kept at 40 % humidity. Hopefully he...
  3. steadytortoise

    Custom Build House for Leopard Tortoise

    My fantastic husband has offered to make a custom hide box or house for my 20 year old Leopard tortoise Julia. She has only been with us since Christmas and has been in a temporary wooden hide spot for sleeping. I would love to see some indoor Leopard tortoise set ups for inspiration! Any tips...
  4. steadytortoise

    Best Heating Options

    Julia the Leopard Tortoise is settling in nicely and her new home is coming along. She has a mercury vapour bulb for heat and UVB along with a UVB strip bulb. I am thinking of adding a waterproof, adjustable heat pet mat to her hid box. What do you use to keep proper temperatures in a large...
  5. steadytortoise

    How do I strengthen splayed back legs?

    On Christmas Eve I adopted a 20 year old Leopard Tortoise...Julia ❤️. She was left to roam the house with her previous owners without any heat source or UVB. Luckily they left her to roam in the backyard in the summer. I have 20 years experience with smaller tortoises, however Julia is my first...