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  1. JohnathanO


    Hey, Welcome to the forum, glad you decided to join :) :tort:
  2. JohnathanO

    Tortoise Forum Mobile Apps are here!

    The app is great. :) Thanks Josh
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    I'm new and want to buy a tortoise

    Congrats Meagan, Pics please :) Glad you were able to find one :tort:
  4. JohnathanO

    It's Yvonne's birthday!!!! (emysemys)

    Happy Birthday Yvonne :tort: Hope you have a great day :)
  5. JohnathanO

    I'm new and want to buy a tortoise

    no problem, His email is [email protected] his name is Mike, I think he said he has 4 babies ready to go right now. Good Luck.
  6. JohnathanO

    I'm new and want to buy a tortoise

    If you message the member here name Dave D, he may be able to help you, he breeds leopards and I'm pretty sure he has some eggs right now, he lives around bowmanville I believe. I also know of someone that breeds Yellow foot torts in Georgetown. (If your interested let me know and I can find his...
  7. JohnathanO

    I'm new and want to buy a tortoise

    Welcome to the forum :tort: What kind of tortoise are you looking for? and what province are you in? check classifieds like kijiji or join the reptilescanada forum and check the classifieds. I see them there every so often.
  8. JohnathanO

    New Tortoise Box

    Thanks Tom, I was thinking about using a room heater, I found one online that is 260 watts, and runs on a thermostat. It heats a room 50-75 sq feet. I figure it will probably only kick in on cool nights so it should be ok. Do you have any experience with something like that?
  9. JohnathanO

    New Tortoise Box

    sorry maybe I wrote it wrong, after building the house, I added the pond to the opposite side of his pen. The house is just for him to sleep in at night.
  10. JohnathanO

    New Tortoise Box

    Thanks, I'll take some more pics tomorrow. @Tortoise-Luke - The reason I made it that height is because I'm debating putting in a heater and I wanted to keep it away from both the tortoise and the hay thats gonna be at the bottom.
  11. JohnathanO

    New Tortoise Box

    I've been planning on building a new tortoise box for my sulcata for the spring/summer but recent knee surgery forced me to postpone the project, so finally I was able to get it done recently. I used styrofoam insulation in between the walls, and ran electrical for lights or possibly a heater. I...
  12. JohnathanO

    Fixing Up Jennys Home

    Looks great :)
  13. JohnathanO

    Arctic Tortoises

    @Zouave - if I go I'll be the young guy with a walking cane, but if I don't go to this one I'll be at the next one for sure.
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    New here

    Welcome to the forum :tort:
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    shipping nightmare!

    Congrats Jessica :) Good to have a happy ending :tort:
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    Welcome to the forum :tort:
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    New Here

    Welcome to the forum :tort:
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    Amazing :) It's so cool that they are brown when they hatch. How long till they stay like that before turning black? :tort:
  19. JohnathanO

    shipping nightmare!

    :( So sorry for what your going through. Hope things pick up for you soon.
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    Simon enjoys the outdoors

    Nice Pic :tort: