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  1. J

    Indoor enclosure

    Indoor enclosure for my greeks, 2mx1m. Still work in progress though.. Any thoughts? [emoji4]
  2. J

    Enclosure set up

    hi guys! Im about to get my enclosure in 2 days.. it’s basically 4’ long and 2’ wide and 1.5’ tall.. any specifics on how the lighting should be? Thanks!! would appreciate if you can share photos of your enclosure.. btw these are for testudos..
  3. J

    Suggestions for a substrate?

    hey guys! Need your help over here. I have 2 torts they seem to burrow in my current set up (while waiting for their new home to get done). Im using a potting soil as a substrate for now, but they always dig into it. They have a hide with some of the soil.. im currently staying here in dubai so...
  4. J

    tend to sleep after eating

    Hi tom! Been reading your post in a while. Do you have any suggestions how i can improve jack and donna’s enclosure? Been noticing their behavior that they tend to sleep after they eat. Here’s a photo of their enclosure. I keep them indoors at night then i move them out during the day. Thanks!