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    Sully's progress

    Just thought i'd start a size progression thread of my little sully Bowser. When Hubby and I originally purchased him from the breeder, he was 8 weeks old roughly around the end of November 2017. He is now 23 weeks old. When we purchased him, he was the smallest of the ones she brought out for...
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    New set up, heat and lighting question

    I have a 4 x 2 ft enclosure. I have a 30" flourescent uvb and a basking light. Hide on the cooler side with water bowl, a hide in the middle and rock on the basking side. Coolest temp is 80 and basking side is reaching about 104 to 106. I have a 100 watt che in the tank as well in the middle. I...
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    from 20 Gallon Long to a 75 gallon 48"x18" , light, heat, etc help

    So I'm picking up a 48" x 18" x 24" aquarium for my 4 month old Sully. My question is light set up and heat set up. Any suggestions on what I should buy to maintain adequate temps through out. I will enclose the top to maintain humidity as best I can. THANKS!
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    How long outdoors? 4 month old sully

    My husband and I are going to start on a temporary outdoor enclosure (we plan on moving in about a year) for our 4 month sully. Dimension will be 8' x 3.5' x 18". I plan on planting some grass and other foods, ride now I have endive, escarole and bok choy in plants outdoors that are thriving...
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    How long before sully can go out full time?

    Hi All, Bowser is about 12 weeks now. Still tiny and in no hurry to move him/her outdoors. Was just wondering, at what age or size is it appropriate to relocate them outdoors? Also, how long do I need to maintain humidity levels? Thank you in advance.
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    Some help pleaaase

    These are a few of the weeds around my yard, can you please help me ID and determine if they are safe vs toxic for my 11 week old Sulcata? Thank you!
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    Varying a sulcata diet? Am I doing it wrong?

    I have a hatchling, about 10/11 weeks old. When I got it, he wasn't really eating but now it has a healthy appetite, usually it's diet consists of mixed collard, mustard greens, and turnip greens daily. About every 3 days I'll add a little bit of shredded squash which it loves and about every 3...
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    New Sulcata Owner

    Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself. I am a new sulcata owner. Totally my husbands idea at first. I finally jumped on board and now i'm obsessed. Our baby is 8 weeks. It's in a 20 gallon long tank. I plan to upgrade in a few months when i'm out of school and have more time to dedicate a real...