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  1. jrholls

    Russian tortoise time lapse Sometimes I will go to work, then come home to find that Bo is within a couple inches of where I last saw her. I couldn't help but wonder what the heck she does all day. This timelapse takes place from 7am untill about 4:30pm. I was stunned to see...
  2. jrholls

    It's Finally Done :) (Pic Heavy)

    Little Bo Fat Fat has a new home :) I think she likes it
  3. jrholls

    Hand feeding

    When we first got our Russian she was a complete pig. I actually had to make a post to see if I was feeding her too much. A few months ago her appetite seemed to have evaporated. We took her to a reptile vet, no problems or parasites. She's still active, but not as much. We've checked the...
  4. jrholls

    Finally making progress on Tort Table

    This "weekend" project has taken at least a dozen weekends, and me thinks it'll take at least a few more before the Fat Fat can move in. Dimensions are 7.5 ft long by 2.5 ft wide by 18 " deep. I appologize for the pic quality, and when I dry fit the whole thing together I'll take pictures with...
  5. jrholls

    Table for two?

    I'm currently building a new tort table. Approx. 7.5ft x 2.5ft. Is this enough space for two RT's (females) if they don't get along?
  6. jrholls

    Little Bo Skinny Skinny

    Our Very Hungry tortoise has slowed down in the eating department. She seems totally uninterested in eating anything green, and will only eat raddicio, butternut squash, and a little fennel. Spring mix is going to waste in her enclosure everyday. She has also been much more aggressive in her...
  7. jrholls

    Cactus for Russians

    Not sure if this should be in the Food and Diet section, but my question is species specific. My wife and I recently purchased some cactus pads for our Little Bo. She seems to absolutely love it. We've been giving her some every 2 or 3 days or so. We use spring mix as a staple, and add to it...
  8. jrholls

    Damage to plastron...Any thoughts?

    Probably got it from climbing on her's pretty small, but I don't want to take any chances. Do you guys think I need to take her to the vet? She's not bleeding from it. I also am wondering if this is normal wear and tear, or if it's an indicator of insufficient calcium. Her...
  9. jrholls

    Hungry Russian Tort...How much is too much?

    Our new tort (Bo) seems to be a tortoise version of the garbage disposal. So far we haven't given her a meal she hasn't eagerly finished. Since my last tort only ate on occasion, I'm not really sure if I'm feeding too much. Also she seems to have no preference in food because she eats...
  10. jrholls


    Tug of war :) My new home Please help us with a name for her :P Right now we've nick named her Little Bo Fat Fat because she's well on her way to eating us out of house and home. Her SCL is 4 3/4 inches and she weighs just over a pound! I think she might have been CB because she...
  11. jrholls

    A very sad day

    Sometime Saturday night our russian tortoise Silly Lily passed away. We did everything we could but something had been wrong pretty much since we got her. We didn't choose a spunky tortoise. We picked the small, cute, and quiet one. My wife and I are devastated, but thanks to you guys on the...
  12. jrholls

    CHE vs Red heat bulbs

    I've been using red heat bulbs at night to keep temps up...told by pet store (flag) that they don't disturb sleep that true? Should I switch to CHE's? Thanks :) My russians only sleep pattern seems to be that she sleeps all the time;)
  13. jrholls


    Lily hasn't passed any urates in about three weeks often should she? Is this a problem? Thanks guys :)
  14. jrholls

    Heat control

    I'm still having a few issues on my new tort table (4' x 4' x 1') concerning temp control. I have 4 clamp lamps, one on each corner. Two are MVB one 100w one 60w at one end, and two infrared bulbs, same wattage at the other end. The MVB's shut off at night, and the temp on that side gets down...
  15. jrholls

    New Russian Tortoise Lily (or Silly Lily)

    Hey all, About a 2 months ago my wife and I bought Lily at a reptile expo in NH. She's ~5 years old, maybe 5" or so. We were unprepared for her, but we've done tons of research and I think we're doing all we can to keep her happy and healthy. I will add pictures of her and her enclosure...