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  1. Destben

    New Leopard Tortoise

    So, I am getting a new Leopard Tortoise. He is a 10-year-old adult male and will be kept separate from my young female. Does anyone have tips for indoor housing with adults? We have set aside a decent size area for him in our reptile room and the ambient temperatures in there are around 75F (it...
  2. Destben

    Gender revealed by size or age?

    Now I hear that you can tell the gender at 7 inches shell length but I also hear that you won’t know till they are around 4 years. Is size enough or would you truly be in the dark until they reach some sort of sexual maturity? Or is that defined by size?
  3. Destben

    Store bought Boston ferns

    Hey guys, Is there a way to make these big beautiful Boston ferns I see at the stores every spring safe for my torts enclosure without waiting for new growth? I get mixed answers. I was under the assumption that you have to repot it in organic soil and wait for all new growth. But I read...
  4. Destben

    Diet mainly of grasses question

    My leopard tort Torterra is now eating mainly orchard grass hay and wheat grass. She does get a variety of other things daily but this is mostly what she eats as she free feeds during the day. Does anyone else who has their tort on a mainly grass diet notice that their tortoises poop is...
  5. Destben

    Adult eating habits

    Hi my Russian is a pet store Russian so I don’t know his age but I know he’s not full grown. My question is do adults sometimes not eat daily? He only eats every other day but has food available. It’s probably normal but I’m just use to my young leopard tortoise who eats her weight daily lol.
  6. Destben

    Hey all it’s been a while!

    Here is an update on Torterra she is now 1 year and 3 months old and is a whopping 565g and 5 and 1/4 in long. She is now in a 6X3 enclosure (for now) that we built ourselves.
  7. Destben

    Carrot Soaks

    How many days can i give carrot soaks to a sick tortoise before it becomes detrimental? I know they soak in the vitamin A and to much can be harmful. @Yvonne G I figure you would probably know but i'm open to anyone's opinions.
  8. Destben

    New baby Sullivan

    Hi guys I finally joined the sulcata movement. I have him in a temporary tank with all the bells and whistles. But I got him knowing he was in poor shape he may develop an RI due to the breeder keeping him severely cold and wet at the expo today. So far he is just lethargic
  9. Destben

    CC Cages for Torts that don't need Closed Chambers?

    What do we think of these for torts that dont need closed chambers. They are cheap and easy to make. you can also make lids for them that can hold your lights each grid is 1FT X 1FT and you can make them as big as you want. the insert on the inside is Chloroplast which is a Plastic sheet with...
  10. Destben

    Dandelion changing pee color?

    My leopard tort has been eating a lot of dandelions lately and her pee has a red brown tint to it. Is this normal?
  11. Destben


    Leopard tortoises If hydrated pass clear urates correct? Or are there loads of other factors?
  12. Destben

    Morning Routine

    Hey, I wanted some opinions. I have a sub adult Russian Tortoise and I'm not sure if I should wake him in the mornings. I have an 8 month old leopard that gets put in her water bowl (freshly filled with warm spring water) for a morning soak. I don't think my Russian really needs a soak, but...
  13. Destben

    Supplements and sub adults

    Hey guys, I have what I’m guessing is a sub adult Russian he is 4 1/2 inches. I was wondering how often he should get calcium and vitamins? Maybe also a guess on his age. I know there is no way to tell for sure how old but I thought I would get opinions.
  14. Destben

    Meet Blue!

    Hey guys meet Blue my new tortoise. It’s really hard to see in this picture but he has blue eyes!!! He will get his beak trimmed next week at the vet I just got him from petsmart so he’s not in great condition.
  15. Destben

    Impact of Technology On How Tortoises Are kept And Their Information Stored

    I'm bored, so I thought I would start a discussion on how technology has changed the way we not only keep tortoises but how their info is kept for future generations. I know for a fact I have so much info on here and other electronic platforms that as long as they can trace my tortoise to me...
  16. Destben

    Shell question

    Does her shell look deformed at all? She has regular calcium twice a week and a cuddle bone along with a calcium block available at all times. She also has a UVB strip bulb that is only a couple months old. Her humidity is in the 80% range at all times with an ambient temperature of about 85F...
  17. Destben

    Species identification

    Any clue what species this is?
  18. Destben

    SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hydrometer

    So I bought these wireless Thermometer/Hydrometer sensors that hook to my phone via bluetooth and run on an app. I also bought the wifi connector for them so i don't have to be in the room or near by to check temps. So far I am pleased. I had to calibrate the temps using my temp gun because...
  19. Destben

    Baby mouse/rat

    Hi please don’t make fun of me but my husband bought a feeder for our snake and she wouldn’t eat it. I don’t usually look at them because it breaks my heart. But oops to late now I have a fuzzy (age/stage of development) that I just can’t let him feed to our snake. I managed to get him to eat...
  20. Destben

    shell stains from substrate

    Hey guys, I noticed when I took Baby Torterra out for her first out door exploration that her shell is a bit yellow and stained from the substrate (I'm guessing). Is there a way to get rid of that or is it normal as they grow?