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  1. mintybum


    i have two new guys had them just over a year now, they're coming up to 3 year old, I also have a 13 year old from newborn too, he is perfectly smooth but the younger ones are showing signs of pyramiding which i dont like one bit, we have just moved and are going to be doing a new table soon so...
  2. mintybum

    mike pingleton book

    i was thinking of forking out the whopping £35 for the beginners guide to redfoots book by mike pingleton, does anyone have it and is it worth buying?
  3. mintybum

    different redfoot 'types'

    My kids and I are making a weed book which has now grown into a info book too, we are looking at the different types of redfoots but are finding it hard to find definate pictures of that type, does anyone know any good site with pics on? i.e northern red north western eastern brazilian
  4. mintybum

    feeding 16 month olds

    So i have 2 new additions, Echo and Deliliah, so far they have been fed every day but i'm wondering if its time to cut them down to 3 days yet? what age do you cut them down? they are 16 month old. :D
  5. mintybum

    delilah and echo

    16 month old venezualians
  6. mintybum

    redfoots and catfood

    so i thought i might get some dried catfood for my torties to try once a week or so yeh yeh before you all start :P but what sort am i looking for?
  7. mintybum

    Haemanthus albiflos - shaving brush plant

    does anyone now if this is totry freindly, i have redfoots? Haemanthus albiflos or shaving brush plant
  8. mintybum

    is uv-b needed ??

    so i'm reasearching a new table for my new arrivals next weekend, at present we have a uvb spot and a ceramic heat bulb, i've been talking to a breeder who says they don't need uv-b but it can be obtained through their diet and the sun, i'm in the uk so obviously they're not outdoor till summer...
  9. mintybum

    elevating humidity in hide

    ive just made a new hide for humidity the gauge is reading 65-70% at best it has substrate and sphagnum moss down, shall i add a heat source to it? under or on top?
  10. mintybum

    growing weeds, help

    so i tried to grow a tray of weeds,bought a propagator, left them on the window, watered and nurtured them they grew but then got spindle and well pretty unappertising looking therefore they went in the bin, we came into our pathetic english summer so i tried again outside, they were a bit...
  11. mintybum


    can redfoots eatfish? my son gave our a peice of haddock, 1st time he ate the lot but should he be eating it?
  12. mintybum


    I often give custer my 12 year old redfoot a good bath in the sink but just recently i've noticed he smells, lol, he has free rein of the house from a ramp on his tortoise table and he quite often rollows me around the house, i can smell him before i see him just lately :( so my question is...
  13. mintybum

    uvb heat tube

    has anyone had any use of a combined uvb and heat lighting tube? im going to revamp out table soon and was looking at these, i was worried though that at night when the light is off the heat will drop too or will they be ok as they'd probably be in their hide??
  14. mintybum

    printable weed booklet I found this on another forum and think its fab, i never knew there was so many readily available flowers and weeds in...
  15. mintybum


    HI all, just discovered this forum, found some usefull info already. we have a 12 year old cherryhead and 2 two year old redfoots, I'm researching a new table, humidity, substrate etc.