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  1. JTExotics

    Giant tortoises size comparison

    Galapagos tortoise species are often lumped together in conversation when they really shouldn’t be. The truth is that they are extremely diverse in size, shape, and their habitat requirements . However, only about half of the total species are represented in captivity, with none of the true...
  2. JTExotics

    Macrocephaly in turtles

    Macrocephaly is seen in lots of turtles in the southeastern U.S. (To easily find pictures of this, go to Instagram and go to these guys’ pages: groverbrown, alabamaturtles, luke_pearson2, and cheloniagodwin) However, I’ve seen it in a few Asian species as well. Macrocephalic Revees turtles...
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    True giant yellow foot tortoises
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    Giant Somali Leopard Tortoises