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  1. mel262011

    Turtle Illness

    Okay, so my bf thinks he has turtle sickness. I personally think he is crazy because he won't have anything to do with my turtle. He won't even touch it and I wash my hands when I do. My question is this: What would be the symptoms if he had it?
  2. mel262011

    My Musk Turtle, Janette

    This is Janette, my stinkpot. She is really sweet. I got her from a friend about 2 weeks ago. this is her tank
  3. mel262011

    Gravel or Sand in Aquarium and water plants

    What kind of gravel or sand can I use for my Musk turtle? What plants can I put in there with the turtle?[hr] Sorry if I put it in the wrong area.
  4. mel262011

    Basking light for a musk turtle

    I just got a musk turtle from my friend on Monday and I was wondering if I need a basking light. I have been doing some reading and have been getting different answers. Can someone please tell me if I need one for the little guy? Thanks in advance!
  5. mel262011

    Musk Turtle Questions

    I am getting a musk turtle from a friend tomorrow. I just have a few questions. How do you take care of them? Do they need a basking area? What do you feed them? What temp is best for them? I have a basking area and light. I also have a UVB light. I have everything that I need for a...
  6. mel262011

    My Crew

    I have 3 turtles and I just wanted to let you guys see how they are doing. They are growing like weeds. The 2 smaller ones have been steadily gaining weight since I seperated the other one. They are weighed once a week to make sure they are gaining weight and growing like they should be...
  7. mel262011

    RES dominance

    One of my Rio Grande RES turtles, I think, is starting to show dominance issues. It is biting the tails of the other 2 RES turtles in the tank. This just started. I noticed it this evening when I fed them. They are the same age, but are growing at different rates. The one biting the other 2...
  8. mel262011

    RES issues/question

    One of my baby RES has a problem. When it swims it floats. It is like the shell has air in it or something. My 3 other ones are fine, they go to the bottom of the tank and swim around, but this one can't swim down. It tries, but like I said it looks like it has air in it. Does anyone know...
  9. mel262011

    2 Red Eared Sliders For Adoption: Gulf Coast Area

    I have 2 Red Eared Sliders up for adoption. I am in a bit of a tuff spot right now. I am going through a rough divorce and finding a job is really hard this time of year. I had to make the tough decision to let 2 of my guys go. They are both about 4" - 4 1'2". They have been living together for...
  10. mel262011

    2 Red Eared Sliders

    I have 2 Red Eared Sliders up for adoption. I am in a bit of a tuff spot right now. I am going through a rough divorce and finding a job is really hard this time of year. I had to make the tough decision to let 2 of my guys go. They are both about 4". They have been living together for...
  11. mel262011

    My RES Crew

    These are some recent pics of my RES crew. They have grown a lot since I first got them. Starting from youngest: My 2 Baby RES My 2 Rio Grande RES: My 2 Juvenile RES:
  12. mel262011

    New RES home idea

    Currently I have 2 4" RES in a 20gal. I am thinking about upgrading them to a 60gal hard plastic tub. It would be set up the same way, just in a bigger area. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  13. mel262011

    Feeder fish for my RES crew

    I have 2 juvenile RES in a tank with some feeder fish. I bought 16 small fish about 3 weeks ago. There are still 10 of them left. How long does it take for them to eat them? I bought 10 of them 3 days before I got these and those fish were gone in 10 hours. My 2 RES turtles are 4" long. I...
  14. mel262011

    Sad news

    As most of you know, I posted about one of my baby RESs being sick. Unfortunately, the little guy did not make it. I found it 2 days ago after I had got home from the movies. It was lifeless. Anyways, the rest of my turtles are doing great. Just thought I would let everyone know about the...
  15. mel262011

    RES won't do anything

    I have a concerning issue that I need some help with. One of my RESs will not move very much. It will sit on the rock under the basking light and will not move. It just sits there with its eyes closed and its limbs tucked in. It is still breathing, I have been checking every few hours. The...
  16. mel262011

    How deep does water need to be in RES tank?

    How deep does the water need to be in a Red Eared Slider tank? The water is 4 1/2" deep. Is that enough for a 4" RES or do I need to add more? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. mel262011

    RESs and a Repti glo 5.0 Compact

    As most of you know I rehomed my tortoises. I will not be taking care of torts anymore due to the large grocery bill and humidity issues and temp issues I was having. I decided to go with something simpler, so I am now taking care of RESs. They are great animals and I can take care of them on...
  18. mel262011

    Need to rehome my 3 redfoots in Lower AL or P'cola Area

    Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I need to rehome my 3 redfoots. I would like them to be rehomed as a group because all 3 of them live together and are under 5". They are very sweet torts and would like them to go to a good home. I can split them up if needed. Please PM me if you would...
  19. mel262011

    Help! My RF hatchling won't eat

    When I got Little Foot a few weeks ago it ate fine and weighed 45g, now it wont eat and has lost 4g. What can I do? I have tried an assortment of greens and even tried the tortoise diet food. The little guy refuses to eat. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. mel262011

    My baby RFs plastron is starting to concave

    I just checked on my torts, like I do every morning. Yesterday Little Foots shell was fine, today I find it concaving around the area where the yolk sac was. Can anyone tell me what happened and if my baby will be okay. This happened over night (I'm not kidding). [hr] well, after Little...