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  1. mintybum

    Which is more desirable Smooth or Pyramidal Shell?

    I definitely think they should be smooth or they wouldn't be in the wild, I have a 18 year old who is smooth and I adopted 2 2 year olds who were smooth but are now pyramided, no idea how it works but I wonder of its when they are very young
  2. mintybum

    The End Of Pyramiding

    theyre about 3" Yes I read that its part of their make-up kinda from how theyre kept from very young, I bought these guys at 1 year old I do need to improve the humidity I feel. Always a problem in the uk. My 13 yr old's shell is fine so im doing something right you just so so many horro stories...
  3. mintybum


    i have two new guys had them just over a year now, they're coming up to 3 year old, I also have a 13 year old from newborn too, he is perfectly smooth but the younger ones are showing signs of pyramiding which i dont like one bit, we have just moved and are going to be doing a new table soon so...
  4. mintybum

    The End Of Pyramiding

    Hi I have a 14 year old cherry head and two three year old redfoots, ive just noticed that one ooks like its showing signs of pyramiding, the othe rthree year old is ok as is my oldest, is there any reason for this? Julie
  5. mintybum

    Lilly my new Cherryhead

    very sweet, nice coloured shell too.
  6. mintybum

    feeding my red foot (im a user from UK!)

    Hi I am also in the uk, I fin dit quite easy to feed my redfoot but i do get jealous of the USA folk and their easy of getting hold of some fruits like prickly pear. We have 2 redfoots and 1 cherryhead, the 2 reds are about 2 year old, i tend to feed them every other day, a varied diet of...
  7. mintybum

    Two new torts - still learning

    Hi sound like growth rings if they white, they should be fine though, if they're wide then your over feeding them, i find my redfoots usually have them on the top of the shell but guess the bottom has to grow too, to search the forum just type significant words in the search bar at the top...
  8. mintybum

    mike pingleton book

    wow been glued to google books all morning lol
  9. mintybum

    different redfoot 'types'

    omg thank you so much, i'm on the 1st page and the torties are stunning !
  10. mintybum

    mike pingleton book

    RE: mike pinkerton book i was about to say you but be a woman but with a name like Anthony.. anyway im way ahead of you and ive already emailed him saying it would help us with info etc etc, he's in Norway at the mo so I could just bung it on the shelf and say we've had it years lol. oh but...
  11. mintybum

    Can tortoise eat chrysanthemum ???

    chrysthanimum is on the edible 'weeds' list i printed off here but i must say i gave mine them once and they got the runs so best not lol.
  12. mintybum

    mike pingleton book

    RE: mike pinkerton book :D my husband says i splurge to much lol ;)
  13. mintybum

    mike pingleton book

    RE: mike pinkerton book i do agree this forum is fabbo but theres something i love about books, i dont absorb the info as well on a screen
  14. mintybum

    mike pingleton book

    i was thinking of forking out the whopping £35 for the beginners guide to redfoots book by mike pingleton, does anyone have it and is it worth buying?
  15. mintybum

    different redfoot 'types'

    My kids and I are making a weed book which has now grown into a info book too, we are looking at the different types of redfoots but are finding it hard to find definate pictures of that type, does anyone know any good site with pics on? i.e northern red north western eastern brazilian
  16. mintybum

    old yellowfoot

    is his shell pyramided at all? if he's been outside he must have grazed out there so maybe he does eat green? can we see a pic i have redfoots, my eldest is 12 and has a beautiful shell and i've never fed mine bugs, he gets rehydrated dried catfood maybe every two weeks or so give that a try...
  17. mintybum

    feeding 16 month olds

    So i have 2 new additions, Echo and Deliliah, so far they have been fed every day but i'm wondering if its time to cut them down to 3 days yet? what age do you cut them down? they are 16 month old. :D
  18. mintybum

    delilah and echo

    16 month old venezualians
  19. mintybum

    redfoots and catfood

    im in the uk so hard to find steam crabs and that particular sort of catfood. natural foods do sound better and this may sound really lame but we are all vegetarians so giving him a snail or bugs grosses me out big time :rolleyes: we have chickens so eggs on demand so a boiled egg it is, do i...
  20. mintybum

    redfoots and catfood

    mine r redfoots, they eat protein, you can fee them catfood and dog food, not very often though as too much is not good for them