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  1. laney

    Help on hinging thick door

    im currently building the huge insulated sully house and I've came to a hauls as I don't know how to hinge the door?! Because it is heavily insulated the wall thickness is around 12cm/4.7inches so the door is going to catch and jam as it swings open! I'm not sure how to get around this, I don't...
  2. laney

    U.K. Outdoor heated house (few questions)

    so the time has come for me to design and build my Sullys outdoor home and I have a few questions. Since I got him a couple of years ago I have been watching threads and gaining ideas and tips for the big build. Now I'm researching supplies for the build and reading up on insulation but there...
  3. laney

    My year old's urates??

    My 15month sully has started laying very gritty urates and I don't understand why. I thought urates were all about hydration? For the first 2weeks of his life (at the breeders) he was kept very dry on newspaper with no water but since then I have soaked him everyday, kept his enclosure humid...
  4. laney

    Chart for weight ratio?

    Just wondered if there is a guide for sulcata tortoises? I know of the McIntyre ratio for horsfields and the Jackson ratio but obviously sullys r up there with the big boys and would be nice to have a ROUGH guide (I know they all grow differently). My 9 month old seems to be really beefing up...
  5. laney

    New closed chamber

    Almost done but he seems to be enjoying it so far, it's built under my russians tort table
  6. laney

    Closed chamber safety with electrics?

    I'm about to build a bigger enclosure for my baby sully underneath the legs of my Russians tort table. I am going to draw out plans etc but have a query some people with closed chambers might be able to help with. Will it be safe to have his basking lamp and strip UVB bulb ballast inside the...
  7. laney

    Soft plastron in hatchling

    Roughly what age does the plastron firm up? My hatchling is 2months and I picked him up the other day n noticed it is still quite pliable. I read all these stories about soft shells n it scares the crap outa me. He gets calcium on his food and has a little cuttle, he has a long UVB bulb and...
  8. laney

    Hatchling with brown pee?!

    Is it normal for a hatchling to have dark brown pee? I know food can be a factor but he gets grass, plantain, sow thistle leaves and occasional flower, dandelion leaves and had a flower ages ago but fed no more incase it was that. Every pee is very dark.
  9. laney

    Predators v sulcata

    When my sully is big I plan to let him have free roam of my secure yard/garden. There are foxes and cats(of the domestic type lol), would they bother a big sully?
  10. laney


    Think a lot of us feel like this at times lol
  11. laney

    Sitting under UVB tube all day

    My tort was sitting under his UVB tube bulb regularly for a couple of days so because it was approaching time for replacement I figured he wasn't getting enough UVB so I replaced it. That was about two weeks ago but he keeps sitting at the side of his enclosure directly under the UVB all day...
  12. laney

    Anyone used this?

    Zoo med excavator clay. It sounds great for Russians burrowing but does contain sand, doesn't sound like loose sand though. My torts burrows are always collapsing, has anyone tried it? Reviews?
  13. laney

    Anyone from or near Aberdeen, Scotland?

    There's gotta be other tortaholics in this town lol
  14. laney

    Humid hide questions

    I'm going to make humid hides for my torts but I'm wondering a few things. Do torts sleep in them? If they do decide to bury down in them for the night would it cause problems with the night time temp drop making it become cold and damp? Also what sort of humidity should be in the humid hide for...
  15. laney

    Urinating a lot causing gritty urates? Or something else?

    My newest (8 monthish) but biggest tort has passed some gritty urates over the past couple of days. After searching other threads dehydration seems to come up a lot but she is urinating beyond belief. I know they pee when scared which she has done occasionally but she is doing it up to 3...
  16. laney

    The best tortoise tv advert ever

    Lol this is my favourite advert, love the ending! [hr] Oh and don't b put off by the ladies cleavage before you click on it lol it is a genuine advert with torty fun :)
  17. laney

    Stories about my tortoise

    I've made a Facebook page for people to keep up with my little rascal and all his mischief lol It's called 'Harley's Tales' I hope the link works :)
  18. laney

    Is this moss ok for creating humid hide?

    I'm just wary I've ordered the wrong thing as the tortoise box on pack isn't ticked. Will it be ok or should I get something else?
  19. laney

    Overshot lower beak on herd of browns?

    I don't know the proper term for it but I was at an animal sanctuary which had tortoises and noticed one which was breathing through its mouth because its lower beak overhung the top ,asking its jaw kinda stick out. I then went and looked at the other 3 and they all had it too. What causes...
  20. laney

    Anyone know what's going on here?

    Little yoshi is finally growing :) My question is about his scutes at the back. The centre one seems to be kind of stuck and it looks like it is growing underneath the surface of the other scutes that were a little lumpy when I got him. Does anyone know why this is happening? Is it something...