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  1. Alicates

    I am so happy to have found this forum

    Welcome Sandy :) :)
  2. Alicates

    TERRA SUR VII EDITION, Antequera, Málaga (Spain) - October 28

    Visit for more information!
  3. Alicates

    Hello from Ontario Canada

    Welcome to the forum Keegann! :):)
  4. Alicates

    Hello guys!

    Thank you for your advice. The ceramic light bulb, it has to be special for animals or anyone worth?
  5. Alicates

    Hello guys!

    Thanks you for your fast answer. I prefer the UVB light instead of mercury vapour bulb. It is more expensive and it emits a lot of heat for this little terrarium. The best choice will be a strip light, maybe I will buy one. The infra red bulb is ok for now. At night all the lights are off...
  6. Alicates

    Hello guys!

    I promised some photos... I didnt forget it Installation and lights The substrate is mulch with silica sand and the shelter is made of cork. Alicates
  7. Alicates

    Hello guys!

    Yes, I read the article before registering, very helpfull, thanks :)
  8. Alicates

    Hello guys!

    Hello guys, my name is Sebas and I from Spain, so beforehand, sorry for my english. I have five turtles: Trachemys , 2 Pseudemys, 1 Chinemys and 1 Graptemys . The oldest is the female Trachemys, she are 10 years old and this summer lay 7 eggs (infertiles). Pseudemys(s) are a couple, both 7...