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    redfoot tail protruding and wagging

    Hello, I've had a male redfoot about 6 years now. I just saw something I've never seen him do before. When I walked in on him, he was standing under his light in kind of a play bow position, butt in the air. He stopped and came over to eat and I saw his tail was hanging down lower than I'd ever...
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    Help identifying possible infection on iguana tail

    Hi guys I am just looking for some experts who might be able to tell me what could be going on with this iguana's tail? Seen at a pet store.
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    Box turtle shell mostly white?

    Hi everyone. I spent a good while looking through other posts before posting to see if anyone else has had this issue. I was wondering if anyone knows what is wrong with this turtle's shell. Some kid found him in the wild, tried to bring him home because he thought the turtle needed medical...
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    need help identifying shell issue

    Hi everyone, this turtle (3 toed box turtle, I believe?) is at a pet store. I can't identify what is wrong with his shell. From googling I was thinking maybe it is scars from healed shell rot? Someone else suggested a yeast infection but I can't find anything about yeast infections in turtles. I...