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    Hello Guys i want to treat my Russian tortoise to some nice Cactus Pads. Do you guys know a trusted place or website I can get some from?
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    Normally I use a 100w bulb but recently the bulb burned out so I am stuck using a 150w bulb for a little bit, I was wondering if the 150w will harm the tortoise and I was wondering if there is a way to get a certain temperature and keep it at that temperature?
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    Food( Diet)

    I want to establish a steady base diet, and i wanted to do that buy using Mazuri LS diet mixed in with spring mix and variety of different greens, would Mazuri LS diet work?
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    Help (Food)

    Can a Russian tortoise eat, baby chard, baby Mizuna, baby oak leaf, Radicchio, parsley, dill, cilantro, and baby butter lettuce?
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    is this a good uvb light to use or should I get a new light
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    Help (Tortoise does not eat or poop as much as she used to)

    I have had my tortoise for about a month or two and in the beginning she would always poop when I soaked everyday in the morning, but she rarely does that anymore. Also she used to eat almost all her food, now she barely touches it, I have tried to add more variety but that does not seem to be...
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    Outdoor enclosure

    I want to build a outdoor enclosure that is big, movable and is safe for my Russian tortoise. Does anyone have any good ideas? Ps> here is a picture of my tortoise she is adorable
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    Help (FOOD)

    I just went out and bought some organic food from the grocery store for my tortoise, is there any pesticides or anything like that I should look for?
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    Help (DIRT)

    Is this the right dirt? I looked and I did not say it had Perlite but I am not sure
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    Ceramic heat emitter

    What is better for a Russian tortoise enclosure, a CHE or a heat lamp?
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    HELP! (heat)

    What is the difference between a ceramic heat emitter and a heat bulb? I do not know witch one to get.
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    HELP! (wooden enclosure)

    Hello, I am getting a Russian tortoise and I am going to put it into a temporary enclosure until I can build my outdoor enclosure. The problem is that I am going to be using a wood enclosure and I do not know how I will keep the wood on the bottom from rotting. Can someone help me with my...
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    HELP (soil)

    I want to put a mix or coconut coir and soil in my tortoises enclosure but I have no idea on what type of soil brand is safe for my Russian some please help
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    Tank or alternate solution

    I want to get a baby Russian tort and I am not sure if I should buy a tank to keep it in or a cheaper alternate solution like a rubber maid bin
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    Please help (setting up enclosure)

    I need help figuring out what my baby Russian tort might need in his enclosure. (note: I have not gotten the tortoise yet i just want tips on how to make the baby enclosure) Please add pics of your own enclosure.
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    Wanted a baby Russian Tortoise

    Hello I am looking for a Baby Russian Tortoise, please contact me if you have any for sale
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    Pics of Tortoise and Enclosure

    For this thread I want people to post pictures of there tortoise and there enclosures, I love seeing some well thought out enclosures.
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    wanted: Russian tortoise

    I am looking to buy a Captive breed Russian tortoise hatchling. Please private message me if you have any Russian torts for sale
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    Good sites for buying russian?

    I am looking to buy baby Russian tortoises what are some good sites to look at?
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    I want to build a simple small enclosure for a Russian tortoise what supplies/things that I will need to make my enclosure? P.s the dimensions are 2x4x10