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    UVB vs grow light

    Question. Is it ok to use plant grow bulbs instead of UVB bulbs? Was thinking if its suppose to be a sunlight replacement for plants, why not for the tortoises? Can someone tell me the pros and cons if there are any? Or is it just not a good idea at all? Thanks for your time. [/font]
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    best seed mix for planting?

    Hi all, I am looking to set up an outdoor habitat for my Russians this spring. Could someone direct me to the best seed mix's? What kind of weeds should I be looking for and possibly the best site to get it from? I am in Western Washington state, if that helps. Thanks for all your opinions...
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    its summer and Thelma is hybernating?

    Need an opinion. Here in the NW summer has arrived. It has been 75-85 degrees for the last week and expected to stay that way for another 5 days or so. My Russians have been enjoying this early summer by living outside now. Thelma, my large female has apparently buried herself, which is...
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    Bacterial infection

    My male russian Norman has not been very active for a couple of months and then he pretty much stopped eating. He get's up in the morning to warm himself but that is pretty much it. I have actually only seem him eat 1/2 a dandelion leaf and a bit of carrot on seperate days in the past month...
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    a special moment with Leonardo

    I just wanted to share this with other Tortoise loving people. Yesterday I had my Loepard, Leonardo out of his table walking around. I got down on the floor and he came over to me, face to face then nose to nose. He stayed there for a long time, just looking at me and breathing in my face...
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    grass eating Russians?

    I was told by a gal that her female russian eats grass. Have not heard of this and was wondering if any of you have. The tortoise lives indoors and in addition to red leaf lettuce and dandelion greens, she also feeds grass. Anyone?
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    Poofy tort

    Hi, I picked up a little Russian male yesterday from a guy who's son has become disinterested. Appears to be in good health but a vet check will confirm. He has a healthy weight on him too. In the meanwhile I was wondering something. Around his neck area as well as the front and rear legs...
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    sulcata's and leopards

    I seem to think up these stupid questions while I am sitting around watching my tortoises and drinking coffee on sunday mornings, my favorite thing to do :D Stupid question.... I know about the dangers of mixing the species due to the internal pathogens they have grown up with. But I am...
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    adding a friend

    Hi, was wondering about adding a friend for my male leopard. I truly think he would like to have a buddy to pal around with. He is about 5-6" long and 4yrs old. It sounds like I should be looking for a female if I was to do this or would a young male be ok? Since they would both be young do...
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    My Leo won't eat his veggies

    I acquired a new Leopard tortoise about 4 weeks ago and I think he is just fabulous. The guy said he was 4 years old and a female. Clearly she is a he, his name is now Leonardo and is about 6" SCL. He did not have the best of care before he came to me. He was in a very large deep tank with...
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    how much calcium & vitamin to give

    I am confused and a bit frustrated. Help me please! The more I read the more different opinions you get. I would like to know from all of you how many days a week do you dust the food with calcium and vitamin mineral supplements? I have Russian tortoises in varied ages. Adults down to 1...
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    Help, my torties won't eat

    I have 2 Young Russians that I acquired from 2 different people who did not take care of them properly. We have been to the vet to get dewormed, vitamin A shots and shots for bacteria infections. I have them in thier own enclosure with 100W spot heat that is about 90 degress under the light...
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    powersun vs UV heat flood

    Hi all. Looking for opinions on which would be better for an all in one heat/uvb bulb for my Russian torts. I am looking to unclutter the skyline of my tables and would like to eliminate the uvb strip. I am looking at the T-Rex active UV heat flood vs the ZooMed power sun, both would be...
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    fertilized potted plants

    Can my torts safely eat flowers and leaves from a potted plant that has been fertilized monthly with Miracle grow? Watered at ground level not sprayed on leaves and such. Also same question applies to potted plants that have the usual potting soil in the pot.
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    Does anyone know if this evergreen shrub/bush is dangerous to torts in anyway?
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    Is this boy a Hermanns tort ?

    Can someone identify this new addition for me please? I am thinking he is a Hermanns but not sure. Definately a male. 5 1/2" long. Appears to have a bum right rear leg. He does not want to walk on it. I got a call from my favorite pet store and they said he was turned in by a patron...
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    A sign of dominance?

    I have a female RT that has been mounting one of the other females and two of my males lately. I am wondering if this could be a sign a wanting to be top tort? What do you all think?
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    outside temps?

    Hi all, out here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest our summers are fabulous, unless your a tortoise. I have had them living outside for only a month now and seems our summer is gonna be another cool one. We have had a week of wonderful 75 - 80 degree days but since then temps are in the...
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    Is hemlock on the "do not use for enclosure" list? I know cedar is but am wondering about hemlock.
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    mixing the species

    I was having a discussion with a fellow today about mixing the different tortoises. He has Leopard torts (youngsters) and Russian torts and he keeps them in the same area. I was telling him it was not a good idea and he said it was ok due to the fact that they are captive bred. I have...