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    Desert Tortoise on Heroes!

    I don't know if any of you watch Heroes, but there is a Desert Tortoise they keep showing in the desert scenes with Matt Parkman. So cool :cool:
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    My DT and Two RES

    I took some pictures of the "old man" and the Red Eared Sliders today. The turtles were a surprise when the Tortoise Rescue heard I had a pond! I had done all this research on tortoises, so I have had some learning to do on the turtles ;) I was happy to help though. Both were saved from dogs...
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    The RES Rescue laid an egg!

    The larger (and obviously female) rescue we have in our pond has laid an egg! The rescuer did tell me that she probably needed to lay them. But I know nothing about turtle eggs! Do turtles lay un-fertilized eggs on a regular basis? Do I need to do anything to help? This egg I found was cracked...
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    Our RES Rescues

    When I was down picking up our Old Man (DT), the rescue lady had just received two RES. She remembered that we have a pond, and asked if we would take them and I can't say no :P They are doing very well in the pond. They bask on the pump line, so I am going to get a floating basking area...
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    The Rest of the Family

    This is Hudson, our 6 month old Mastiff (my show dog!) Reserve Winners Dog at our first show! Apollo, 2 year old Mastiff Norman, 1 year old Bengal mix rescue (thinks he is a dog) His lobster hat LOL Baby Girl, 5 year old DSH rescue We also have an Oscar fish. He is...
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    Introducing our Old Man :)

    He is a Desert Tortoise... but he doesn't have a name yet. We adopted him from the San Diego turtle rescue and they said he is approx. 70 years old. He is the sweetest thing, and so full of personality :D He is eating and doing great... he settled in so quickly! When he first came...
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    Looking to adopt a Tortoise! (Desert or Russian)

    I live in southern California and am looking to adopt a tortoise. Please let me know if you know one looking for a home. I understand that the desert tortoise must be adopted within the same state. I am also in contact with the rescue groups in my area. Thanks!
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    New Here and New to the Tortoise

    Hello, my name is Megan and I live in Orange County, CA :) Nick and I live in a home with two Mastiffs, two rescue kitties, an Oscar fish & pond full of Koi & goldfish. We are looking to add a tortoise to the family and I found this forum in the process. It looks like a wonderful source for...