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    I need your opinion

    I've already posted some photos of this tortoise before here (tortoise #2) and some of you said that it's a female, but I'm really confused cause it grew up and looks like the tail became longer. Could you guess again who is it? Male or female?
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    My tortoises & turtles

    I have so many photos that I would like to share with you, here are a few of them. Pyxis arachnoides: Chelonoidis carbonaria: Geochelone elegans: Malacochersus tortnieri: [hr] And I have some turtles too... Terrapene ornata: Heosemys spinosa...
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    Please your guesses on sex

    Could you please help me to determine sex of my friend's hermann tortoise? See some photos below and thanks in advance.
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    Russian tortoises in the wild

    Look here
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    Males or females?

    Dear friends, please help me to determine sex of my 3 red footed tortoises: 1) This is 100% male and I put his photo here just to compare with the rest of my tortoises, his length is 20 cm (7.9 inches) His plastron is concaved, his tail is very long and he behaves like a male :P. He is 5-6...